Toddler meal: chicken sausages


There are certain foods that tend khổng lồ cause parents a lot of anxiety when it comes to lớn baby led weaning, và one of them is definitely meat. I get it, it’s a difficult texture. Và if you’re opting khổng lồ go the baby led weaning route by offering finger foods, that can be really scary.

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But whether you’re choosing to lớn start solids with puréed baby food, baby led weaning, or a combo of both, meat contains a lot of important nutrients for babies – most specifically iron. Knowing how khổng lồ prepare meat for babies safely is key, which is why I’m giving you all the details you need.

Plus, I’m a huge supporter of starting where you’re comfortable and ready khổng lồ begin! So, jump on my next workshop “Baby Led Weaning but make it purées!” to learn all about how lớn move from purées lớn finger foods – without the fear! Gradually progress in textures, & work your way up to serving meat as a finger food when both you và your baby are ready.


Other ways to make meat more moist và easy to chew for your baby/toddler is to showroom sauces like tomato sauce, plain yogurt (we use that as a sour cream replacement all the time), salsa, pesto, & guacamole to lớn keep it moist. You can use it as something lớn dip into, or mix the meat right into it. Topping the meat with the broth or juices it was cooked in is what we always vày as well (for adults & kids!)…it’s just so much more enjoyable when it’s moist!

You want khổng lồ make sure that the meat can be easily mashed between your thumb và forefinger (see clip below).

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A big part of keeping meat tender is not overcooking it, but you can also choose more tender pieces, lượt thích a pork or beef loin. You can further tenderize any piece of meat, including chicken, by putting it between two sheets of plastic wrap, or parchment paper, and pounding it while it’s still raw.

Other tenderizing techniques include marinating it in things like vinegar or yogurt, but ultimately choosing more tender pieces of meat and chicken (like drumsticks, thighs, & legs…which are all higher in iron by the way!) are going khổng lồ be the easiest way to make this happen.

Another tip is in how you cut the meat before serving it khổng lồ your baby. Some may say this is taking it too far, but I find it helps them when you cut perpendicular (or across) the direction of the grain (where the muscle tissues run). That way, you get lots of shorter pieces of meat fibres that will make it easier for it to fall apart in their mouth, making it easier to lớn chew.