Best Ever French Fry Seasoning


Season fresh or frozen fries using this delicious homemade french fry seasoning for the best flavor! This easy seasoning is salty, a little spicy, và bursting with flavor. Try it, & you’ll never have fries another way! So much better than the fries that you get at a restaurant!


This French fry seasoning is an all-purpose seasoning that works great to lớn jazz up burgers, veggies, grilled cheese, and more! It’s so good that you’ll want to lớn use it on EVERYTHING!

This blend has the perfect amount of heat, warm spices, salt, và garlic. So get your fresh or frozen French fries ready, season them with this awesome French fry seasoning và dip them in my special French fry sauce! So good!

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Table of Contents

French Fry Seasoning Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need khổng lồ make this awesome seasoning:


Paprika can be substituted with smoked paprika for a smokey flavor, and if you don’t have all of the ingredients listed then no problem it still will be very flavorful.

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How lớn Season French Fries

First, make the seasoning by collecting all of the ingredients, mix, and place in a jar.

When to lớn season french fries? This depends on how you’re cooking the fries.


Storing Tips

Store the seasoning in an airtight spice jar for up lớn 6 months. Spices and dried herbs can last for a year or 2, but it is recommended that ground spices/herbs are consumed within 6 months for the best flavor.

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Keep the jar away from sunlight, và store it in a dark & dry place. If your seasoning blend is exposed khổng lồ humidity, it will become sticky and you won’t be able to use it.

And finally, don’t forget khổng lồ label your jar with “french fry seasoning” and include a date so you know when you need to use it by.


You might be wondering how much seasoning do you need for 1lb of fries, & honestly, I don’t have an answer for you. Start with 2 teaspoons of seasoning, taste the fries, & decide if you would lượt thích to địa chỉ cửa hàng more.