What to include in a winning seo proposal


With our cutting-edge software, you can immediately increase your agency’s profitability by creating a SEO Proposal Template that fits unique clients. The best part is it expedites your process so you can prepare for multiple proposals simultaneously!

Global e-commerce sales are expected khổng lồ rise each year, with Shopify estimating it to lớn reach more than $6.5 trillion in three years. As the numbers continue lớn grow, so does the number of SEO agencies. Why? Because businesses are getting even more competitive online, and more are delving into the most effective way khổng lồ appear on vị trí cao nhất of tìm kiếm results: SEO. This leads lớn an increase in demand for SEO services. So, as an SEO agency, you want them to lớn choose your services out of everyone else’s.

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A common habit in sales when they get to an SEO lead is khổng lồ simply show stats and numbers. Based on experience, that sales technique of ‘letting the numbers speak for itself’ rarely works out. The few times it does, the client ends up not fully understanding what’s happening to lớn the campaign, causing you both, a loss. Another case is you automatically thua a sale because the prospect doesn’t understand what the hàng hóa is.

This is where your tìm kiếm engine optimization proposal comes in.

Whether your lead is planning lớn start a Shopify store or aiming khổng lồ increase local traffic, your goal is khổng lồ make your prospect understand how your services work & for them khổng lồ see that your agency can provide them the services they need. A well-crafted SEO plan template will vì chưng two things for you: convert an SEO lead into an SEO client and save you time so that you can close your next lead.

Along with building SEO tools for your agency, we’ve methodologically analyzed how to sell SEO, what angle basically works, and then pinning the best practices in selling SEO effectively. So, incorporating sales knowledge, we’ve created a template that will help everyone from consultants, established agencies, or those looking lớn start an SEO business, present their services in a way that will create a lasting impression in your prospect’s mind. You’ll find all the essentials here with our SEO proposal examples and templates that you can use to lớn close your next client. If you’re wondering how to write an on page SEO proposal, look no further, và let’s get started.

What to include in your SEO Proposal?

You are selling SEO services, so be prepared lớn explain the process of a campaign to your prospects. Although booming, many still don’t get how SEO works. Be thorough so they understand the nature of work and the value that a well-planned và well-executed SEO strategy will bring them. However, not all salespeople win in this aspect of the conversation & it’s got something to vày with their sales tool, which again, circles back lớn a powerful SEO plan template.

Your on page SEO proposal is a sales instrument.

Every section that goes into it should serve a purpose so clients can clearly understand the value of your services và how it positively impacts their business. A well-crafted proposal should be able khổng lồ address the following:

Who are you?What does your company do? What is SEO?What are the values & principles of your company?What can you vị to solve the client’s problems?How are you going to lớn solve these challenges?How will the client’s business grow in the process?Why should they pick you và not another SEO agency?

If your proposal can address these questions at a glance while appealing lớn the reader, it will be easier khổng lồ hook prospects & guide them into making a decision.

So, what goes into your sample SEO proposal template?

1. An Overview of Your SEO Proposal

The overview section is the first thing that prospects will see when they read your search engine optimization proposal. In most cases, this states the purpose of the proposal so you can phối your clients’ expectations from the very start.

Here are a few tips when writing the Overview section:

Be brief – Don’t bombard your clients with too many facts at the start; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lớn explain your service further in your proposal.Be clear – Remember that you’re sending a proposal lớn people who might not have heard of SEO; avoid using too many jargons and stick to lớn verbiage your prospects understand.

7. Social Proof và Testimonials

If your prospect needs a little more convincing, don’t be too shy khổng lồ throw some social proofing và testimonials from clients you’ve worked with. This is your time lớn brag about the work you’ve done for previous clients và show them how your service has an impact on their business.

How khổng lồ Make SEO Proposal for a Client

The need lớn present a proposal that’s professional & easy for clients khổng lồ relate to lớn is the reason tools lượt thích the proposal builder software exist. Built to impress, our proposal builder is very straightforward và easy to use. Whether you need a sales proposal template or a website proposal template, this tool will build it for you. You can also customize and showroom products or packages from our store with just a tap. No need to worry about taking time with the timeline, deliverables, & quotation because it will automatically update these pages and more.

It’s hard to lớn know where to lớn start when you need lớn create a proposal. You could use a generic template, but that might not be the best fit for your client or project. & even if you bởi find a good seo company template, it can be time-consuming & frustrating lớn try và customize it for your specific needs.

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nhatroso.com’s proposal builder is the perfect solution. This easy-to-use tool will help you create proposals that are tailored lớn your clients & projects, without all of the hassle.

As a business, you know that proposals are a necessary evil. They take up time and resources khổng lồ create, but they’re often the make-or-break when it comes to lớn landing new clients.

It’s hard enough khổng lồ find the time to lớn put together a proposal, let alone customize one for each potential client. Và if you make a mistake on the timeline or deliverables, you could thua kém the client before you even start.

nhatroso.com is a great solution for busy business owners who want to win more clients without sacrificing their time or sanity. With our proposal builder software, you can easily create custom proposals with just a tap of your phone. Plus, our software will automatically update your pages with the latest information so you don’t have to lớn worry about making any mistakes.

While it’s all good to vày it by yourself, tools lượt thích the proposal builder will deliver a speedy và effective process that will earn you more time to vì chưng business with clients.

How to lớn sell SEO with your SEO Proposal

A great sample SEO proposal can stand alone và sell itself. However, get that extra push to seal the khuyễn mãi giảm giá by putting in an extra bit of effort:

Research About Your Prospects

Doing prep can make a big difference in how you position your agency when pitching to lớn SEO prospects. If you haven’t done your homework & taken the time khổng lồ know their business needs, you’ll have a less effective pitch.

As part of your prep, be sure lớn include the following research for your SEO proposal report:

Background about the client’s business và industry. Understand the complexities of SEO và have the experience và expertise necessary to help your business achieve its desired results. Our team of dedicated professionals will work tirelessly lớn improve your prospect’s website ranking & drive more traffic its way.Goals they want to lớn achieve with their digital sale efforts: In addition khổng lồ your research from above, you may discover their goals. For example, you may be able khổng lồ identify that they want to lớn increase tìm kiếm engine rankings & publish high-quality content on all pages of their site so that people can find them easier online. This knowledge base only helps your position as you present your SEO proposal.

Pitch It lượt thích You’re Telling A Story

The most effective way of pitching with your tìm kiếm engine optimization proposal is through storytelling. Notice how the proposal above is arranged in a logical manner and doesn’t simply jump lớn the timeline & deliverables section.

When you pitch using an SEO plan template, don’t jump into the details of your service without explaining the value it offers. If you do, you’re giving prospects an opportunity to lớn jump into objections early on. Let your clients view themselves as the “hero” và you’re there lớn help them strategize & execute the SEO plan that enables them khổng lồ win more business.

Provide Supplementary Documentation

Ever heard of a pitch kit? Be sure lớn have one prepared. This should include impressive marketing materials that you can use to lớn supplement your proposals, such as a case study, a white paper, or even an infographic. Our downloadable pitch kit comes bundled with a sample SEO proposal, case study, and pitch deck. The more materials you have on hand, the easier it will be for you to lớn showcase expertise.

Pitch, Close & Repeat

Pitching your SEO services to different clients isn’t always easy but it should be smooth flowing for you. A well-structured proposal will aid you in that, it’s a powerful communication tool that will amplify your sales efforts.

An SEO proposal is a powerful sales instrument.

If you’re stuck with a SEO proposal report that doesn’t convert, & you have no intention of starting from scratch, then it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the SEO plan template builder. Inspired lớn make your sales process more effective và more efficient, start creating proposals that your prospects can easily understand và relate to.