5 experiences you can enjoy in quy nhon, vietnam

Quy Nhon, the capital thành phố of Binh Dinh Province, is trang chủ to quite a large number of bánh xèo restaurants.

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But foodies who love this crispy pancake-like dish never mind going deeper into My Cang, a small village đôi mươi kilometers from the đô thị downtown, lớn visit a little restaurant which they believe is serving the best banh xeoin the whole country.
“When I began khổng lồ make banh xeo,I thought I had khổng lồ make it really different to lớn attract customers,” nam giới recalled.
“I set my own rules, và still follow them strictly. For my ingredients, I only buy the natural pink shrimp living in local rivers. If there"s no shrimp, I stop selling that day,” phái mạnh said.
She grinds rice at home to make the pancake mixture using a simple yet powerful hand-operated stone grinder.
The restaurant doesn"t have a name or a signboard. Locals & tourists refer lớn it as “Bánh xèo tôm nhảy đầm bà Năm” -- Mrs. Nam’s pancake shop with the jumping shrimps.
She first goes khổng lồ a local market to lớn buy fresh vegetables. Her son, Tuan, visits another market to buy shrimps, caught by local fishers from Thi Nai Lagoon a few hours earlier.


Near My Cang Bridge, My Cang Village, Phuoc Son Commune, mặc dù Phuoc District, Binh Dinh Province.

VND20.000 (US$1) per pancake.

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6 a.m. -12 a.m. Every day.

Her restaurant opens at 6 a.m.
When customers come, phái mạnh heats up a frying pan before putting in some vegetable oil and around 10 jumping shrimps.
She then pours the mixture và adds bean sprouts & green onions. Finally she covers it with a lid & waits for a minute or two before serving it.
“I feel happy because at the age of 77, I’m still able to lớn manage eight frying pans at the same timeto serve my customers,” nam giới said.
In southern Vietnam, the thinner banh xeois fried on a larger pan, or wok, và then folded in half, looking more lượt thích a crepe.
In Binh Dinh, as the frying pan is not much bigger than a hand,it can be plated and served immediately.
As for the dipping sauce, Binh Dinh cooks, like Nam, set chopped mango, garlic và chili with fish sauce. Southerners on the other hand use lime instead of mango.
Doan Huu Hoang Khuyen from Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị said she always eats at Nam’s restaurant whenever she visits Binh Dinh.
Khuyen said she once took her parents from down south to the central province, just to lớn enjoy Nam’spancakes.
“Mrs. Phái mạnh painstakingly takes care of each pancake as if she were cooking forher returning children, not for guests,” Khuyen said.
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