Grilled fish with shrimp paste wrapped in banana leaves


Today I want to cốt truyện a recipe with you, banana blossom, leaves cassava, shrimp paste with coconut milk

This dish is the most I like, & tastes very delicious, You want to try it, Here are the ingredients and how to cook.




the main ingredient :1 banana blossom1 bunch leaves cassava1 liter of coconut milk1 piece of lemongrass1 bay leaves1/2 tablespoon saltFlavoring lớn taste

Ingredients are mashed

1 sachet shrimp paste (fried briefly)20 pieces cayenne pepper2 red chili2 cloves Shallot2 cloves garlic4 dry star fruit1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder1 tablespoon coriander powder

ingredients are sliced :

1 tomato2 red chili1 cloves Shallot

How khổng lồ cultivate it:

cleaning banana blossomclean the leaves cassavathen cut lớn tastethen washed clean


Set skilletthen boiled banana blossom and leaves cassava, with 1 liter of water, must really cook