Shrimp And Cilantro Shu Mai Recipe


I love me some dim sum times! I’ve made wontons và soup dumplings before, but this is my first crack at shumai.

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Assembly wise, shumai is a little more involved than wontons, and a lot easier than soup dumplings. I’m not sure if that gives you any indication of range of difficulty, but if you have any type of half-way decent hand eye coordination you should be fine.

My biggest fear was either over or under cooking the shumai – leaving me with either a gummy shrimpy paste or raw limp shimpy grossness. Luckily, I encountered neither.

A couple FYIs:

Don’t assemble these until you’re ready khổng lồ steam them. The liquid in the minced shrimp will seep through the wrapper & get all gross & inedible/uncookable. These aren’t a “prep all shumai a day ahead and cook when you’re ready” type of thing. At all.

These freeze well, but you have to steam them and cook thoroughly first, then freeze. Don’t freeze raw shumai.

I eat these with hot Chinese mustard and a full bộ of soy sauce + spicy vinegar.

And a tip from my good friend Debbie (
bringingbutterback): Go eat decent shumai somewhere so you know what the fuck you’re getting yourself into.


Shumai times: sesame oil, oyster sauce, shrimp, napa cabbage, sugar, corn starch, ginger, green onions, salt, eggs, wonton wrappers & lard :X


Minced shrimp mixture: pulse the 1lb of small shrimp and lard until roughly chopped, about 6-8 pulses in the food processor (or chop finely by hand). địa chỉ in cornstarch, scallions, egg white, ginger juice, sake, sugar, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and white pepper. Pulse again until thoroughly combined (or use your fingers).


Cut the large shrimp lengthwise. Remove any gross vein thingies. If your shrimp are particularly large / long, you may also have lớn cut crosswise.


Combine large halved shrimp with cornstarch, salt và egg white. Mix vigorously with your fingers until a white foamy paste forms.

Time lớn make the shumais!! I think a verbal explanation of the assembly makes this seem more complicated than it is. So here… pictures of the entire process, all for you (my camera is so dirty, y’all).

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Make an “O” with your thumb & forefinger & place the wonton wrapper on top.


Place 1 tsp of the minced shrimp mixture on khổng lồ the center of the wonton wrapper. Poke it down a bit so that the filling is inside of the “O” that your forefinger and thumb form.


See how my hand forms the “O” shape?


Place one of the halved shrimp on vị trí cao nhất of the minced shrimp and poke that down a bit with your fingers. Your wonton hand should be supporting the filling as you… fill. Ugh. Now I feel lượt thích I’m losing you. Keep going.


Top that halved shrimp with more minced shrimp, simultaneously pushing the filling down GENTLY and bringing the wrapper up around the filling you’ve added.


Top with one more halved shrimp (red side up so it cooks pretty) and use thumb & forefinger to form the shumai shape.


Voila magic, bitch!


Now do that fifty-leven more times. -___-


Line a steamer basket with cabbage or lettuce leaves so the wonton wrapper doesn’t stick. Space shumai apart enough so that they don’t cảm biến (they’ll get a little wider as they cook, so take that into account). As you can see, I’m using the worlds most impossibly tiny bamboo steamer so I could only cook 8 at a time (my steamer has two levels).


BAM. Juicy plump shrimp stuffed shumai. It took everything in me not to pop them from the steamer into my mouth, or lớn just straight motorboat them IN the steamer. But I knew I would burn my tongue & not be able lớn enjoy the rest, so I crossed my arms & stared at them angrily until I could take it no longer. These were gone in 60 seconds.


I served (and by “served” i mean “put this on a plate for myself và ate in front of the TV) this with spicy Chinese mustard & a 1:1 phối of spicy vinegar & soy sauce.

Shrimp Shumai

adapted from no recipesmakes about 24 shumai in about 45 minutes


For whole shrimp3/4 lb large shrimp, peeled & deveined1 egg white1 teaspoon cornstarch1/2 teaspoon salt

For minced shrimp1 oz pork fat (a.k.a. Lard, folks. Don’t be scurred)1 lb raw, small shelled shrimp4 scallions trắng part only, minced3 tablespoons cornstarch1 egg white1 tablespoon ginger juice grated và juice squeezed out1 tablespoon sake2 teaspoons sugar2 teaspoons sesame oil2 teaspoons oyster sauce1 teaspoon soy sauce1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon white pepper24 wonton wrappersnapa cabbage or lettuce, for lining steamerDirectionsFor whole shrimpUse a sharp knife to lớn slice shrimp in half from head to tail, down the center. If your shrimp are very large, you may need khổng lồ cut them in half once again crosswise. Remove the dark vein if present, then địa chỉ the shrimp to a large bowl.Add egg white, 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to lớn the halved shrimp, then use your fingers khổng lồ vigorously “whisk” the shrimp together with the egg until the shrimp are evenly coated with a trắng froth.

For minced shrimpIf you’re using a food processor, roughly chop the pork fat, and địa chỉ it lớn the food processor. Process until finely minced. địa chỉ cửa hàng the small peeled shrimp, and pulse until there are no big chunks, but not khổng lồ the point where it turns into a paste. If you are doing it by hand, finely mince the fat, small shrimp separately and showroom to a large bowl.Add the scallions, cornstarch, egg white, ginger juice, sake, sugar, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, và white pepper. Pulse the food processor until combined, or use your hand khổng lồ “whisk” the mixture together thoroughly.

Assembling + cooking shumaiPrepare a steamer & line the bottom with napa cabbage or lettuce (this prevents the dumplings from sticking to the steamer). Bring the water khổng lồ a boil.To wrap the shumai, khung an “o” with your left hand (assuming you’re right handed). Cover the “o” with a wrapper, then put a generous teaspoon of filling in the middle.Add a half shrimp on top, pressing the dumping into the “o”.Add another teaspoon of filling, then use the thumb of your opposite hand khổng lồ press the dumping all the way into the “o” shape in your hand, using your thumb to cấp độ off the top.Top with one more half of shrimp. Make sure the colored side of the shrimp faces up so it turns red when cooked. Make sure the top và bottom of the dumpling are flat, then repeat until you have enough dumplings lớn fill the steamer. Unfortunately, these can’t be prepped ahead as the liquid in the minced shrimp will absorb through the wonton wrapper. Make these as you can eat them.Turn off the heat, then place the dumplings in the hot steamer, leaving enough space between the dumplings so they are not touching each other. Cover the steamer with a damp kitchen towel, then cover with the lid. Flip the corners of the towel back over the lid khổng lồ keep them from catching on fire. The towel keeps the condensation from dripping on the dumplings.Turn the heat back on & steam the shumai over high-heat for 8 minutes.