Silkworm Cassava Cake (Banh Tam Khoai Mi)


The dish makes diners feel lượt thích they are there, partly because of the spicy taste, và partly because of the wonderful explosion of flavor in the mouth.

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Silkworm cake eaten with skin mixed with greasy coconut milk is sold in many shops and markets và is a dish that is not too strange lớn many people. However, if you have the opportunity khổng lồ return to Ca Mau, you will enjoy a quality silkworm cake that can only be found in the southernmost land of the country.


The famous spicy silkworm cake in Ca Mau.(Photo: phan.giang.pisces)

No need khổng lồ appear in restaurants or high-class eateries, spicy silkworm cake is best when enjoyed at sidewalk stalls, street eateries. As a rustic & idyllic dish, spicy silkworm cake still has a certain place among many other expensive and sophisticated specialties. Regardless of age, students or office workers can easily reward themselves with a plate of delicious spicy silkworm cake.


Perhaps that’s why, since when, this dish has become a part of street food in Ca Mau.(Photo: nguyenfoodalic)

Although it is said lớn be a rustic dish, it does not mean that the making of spicy silkworm cake is done through speakers, but on the contrary, it requires many stages to lớn produce a delicious & standard product.

Rice used to lớn make silkworm yarn must be delicious, soaked in cold water overnight. After soft enough, the rice is milled into a powder & then mixed with water in the standard ratio, cooked on low heat until the flour is reached. The finished mixture will be spun into round, round trắng cakes that look like silkworms. That is also the reason the dish is called silkworm cake.

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Handmade silkworm cake is the most delicious.(Photo: foodiebylybeos)

And just lượt thích its name, the main flavor of the spicy silkworm cake must be very spicy, bursting with the mouth, but still leaving room for the sweet & sour taste of other ingredients.


The plate of spicy silkworm cake is attractive with the yellow màu sắc of the curry mixed with the trắng bread & a little green of the vegetables.(Photo: thanhdifood)

To create exactly that characteristic pungent taste, the sauce is the secret to the success of the dish. For restaurants in Ca Mau, the main sauces used here are chicken curry & shumai curry.


Diners can choose between chicken curry or shumai curry, or both.(Photo: nguya_tynn)

The chicken is soft and chewy, và the soft, smooth pieces of shumai slip in the throat with the sweet silkworms, mixed with the spicy sauce to make the salivary glands work non-stop. Of course, to add harmony, a plate of spicy silkworm cake is indispensable with some bean sprouts, cinnamon, and lettuce to balance each layer of strong flavors above.

Cinnamon and bean sprouts help balance the spicy flavor of the curry.(Photo: thanhdifood)

Silkworm cake is not only rustic và affordable, but can be eaten at any time of the day, from morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. The plate of silkworm cake is not too much, but it is enough for users lớn eat full without feeling tired, even leaving a little craving after enjoying it.

Going khổng lồ Ca Mau without trying spicy silkworm cake is considered as missing an interesting experience.(Photo: foodiebylybeos)

If you want khổng lồ know how chất lượng the cuisine of the southernmost region of the country is, you must definitely try a plate of Ca Mau’s original spicy silkworm cake, you will be surprised by the taste experience that you enjoy!