Low Carb Pork Shumai Recipe (Siu Mai Recipe 烧卖 In 3 Simple Steps

Chinese Dim Sum with a low-carb lifestyle? Shumai dumplings without wheat, starch, gluten, or added sugar? We love Chinese food, but generally refrain, since it is loaded with carbs. It is certainly questionable whether low-carb foodies can enjoy delicious Chinese recipes. However, our Low Carb Pork Shumai does more than answer those questions. It is delicious và definitely Tasty Low Carb!

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Preparation Tips

When cooking the cabbage leaves it will go quicker if you remove the leaves from the cabbage before boiling. You should also cut the bộ vi xử lý core out of the cabbage lớn eliminate the spiny part. Make sure you allow them lớn cool before assembling. An easy method for filling is lớn hold the cabbage leaf in one hand forming into a cup shape and then địa chỉ the filling. Make sure you squeeze them together so the filling will bind to lớn the leaf & hold together better before steaming.

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We also suggest that when you steam the Pork Shumai dumplings that you place them in your steamer fairly tight – touching each other. Again, they will hold together better if you follow this tip. If you vì not have a bamboo steamer just use a steamer insert or a stainless steamer pot. We use a vegetable steamer pot insert and lightly grease it with olive oil lớn avoid any sticking during the steaming process.

The Sesame và Soy Dipping Sauce for our Low Carb Pork Shumai recipe is essential. We use this sauce a lot. You can use it for our Low Carb Tempura Shrimp recipe. It is super easy lớn prepare – just phối the ingredients in a small bowl.

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These little gems are an excellent appetizer for your next Chinese dinner or perfect as a meal in themselves. Try making a full course Chinese dinner, adding our Low Carb Egg Drop Soup và our Cauliflower Pork Fried Rice.

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Keto Pork Shumai (Dim Sum) – Just lượt thích Dining at Royal Seafood in Chinatown!

Changing the recipe and using a blend of minced shrimp & ground pork would be delicious. That one is next on our các mục – we think minced chicken would be another choice. For now, make our Low Carb Pork Shumai tonight and imagine you are dining in Chinatown at the Royal Seafood in NYC – enjoy!

A delicious Chinese Dim Sum with a delicious pork filling. It is Keto/low carb và a simply perfect appetizer. You will feel like you are in your favorite Chinese restauran, especially when enjoying the delcious sesame-soy dipping sauce.
Shumai5 cloves Garlic (minced)2 teaspoons Ginger (grated)2 Scallions (chopped)1 Carrot (grated)1 pound Pork (ground)1 Egg16 Cabbage leaves (cooked and softened)