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If you’ve ever shopped at a cake stall or a fair with a localCountry Women’s Associationbranch, you will have no doubt seen (if not tasted!) a Raspberry Coconut Slice.This triple-layered slice combines a buttery, biscuit base, a layer of sweet, sticky jam & a topping of luscious coconut meringue.

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Raspberry Coconut Sliceis also known as Louise Cake Slicein New Zealand. It is awell-known treat & is asquick lớn whip upas it is to devour!

Raspberry Coconut Slice is an all-time favouriteat bake sales,just like colourfully decoratedcupcakes, fluffy lightsconesand slices ofbanana bread.

Why You"re Going to lớn Love This Recipe

This slice is absolutely delicious on the day that it"s made, but if it"s not all gone straight away, it gets even better in the following days!


Simple Pantry Ingredients– Needing nothing more thanbasic pantry ingredients(with the exception perhaps being the requirement forboth desiccated và shredded coconut), this is abudget-friendlyrecipe.Quick and Easy - There is very little preparation required, making this a popular choice for those last minute requests for a contribution to lớn a fundraising event!Well known và loved - Raspberry Coconut Slice is a classic recipe & is popular with everyone, except maybe those who dislike coconut!Versatile - The classic choice of jam flavour for this slice is raspberry jam, but as it is often included in cookbooks as "Coconut Jam Slice", you can use whatever flavour you prefer!

What You Need

Note: Scroll lớn the recipe card at the bottom for the ingredients, quantities & full detailed method.

Plain flour– Also known as all-purpose flour, this doesn"t contain any raising agents.Caster Sugar - This is also known assuperfine sugar. It has a lighter texture than granulated sugar và dissolves quicker và easier, resulting in a better texture.Butter- I prefer khổng lồ use unsalted butter as a baking ingredient. This is not essential & if you usually buy salted butter, using that will be perfectly fine.Egg - When using eggs in a recipe, it is best lớn have them at room temperature before you start. I suggest cracking eggs into a separate bowl before adding them khổng lồ the other ingredients, in case they are past their best or you have pieces of the shell fall in.Vanilla Extract - You can use vanilla essence or paste if you prefer.Jam - Choose a good chất lượng jam, as this is (arguably!) the highlight of the slice. If the jam has chunky pieces of fruit in it, you get little bursts of sweetness in your slice!

How to lớn Make Raspberry Coconut Slice

I promised you that Raspberry Coconut Slice is a quick và easy recipe, & I"m sure you"ll agree that it is just that!

Note: Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom for the ingredients, quantities and full detailed method.

Make The Base

Weigh the plain flour, caster sugar and butter into a food processor or Thermomix bowl.


Process the plain flour, caster sugar & butter together until it resembles breadcrumbs.


Add the egg & vanilla extract.


Process the ingredients until they form a dough.


Press the dough firmly into the base of the prepared pan.

Bake for 15 - trăng tròn minutes until lightly golden.


Spread the jam evenly over the base.

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Make The Topping

Place the egg whites and caster sugar into a bowl.


Whisk the egg whites và caster sugar together to lớn combine well.


Stir the desiccated và shredded coconut into the whisked egg white mixture.


Spread the coconut mixture over the layer of jam.


Bake for 25 minutes or until the đứng top has turned a golden colour.

Allow khổng lồ cool completely in the tin before removing & cutting into pieces.

Expert Tips and FAQs

Why bởi I need two different types of coconut?

Desiccated coconut is finely ground coconut và has less texture than shredded coconut, which is grated coconut & is usually in short, thin strips. The desiccated coconut works as the thickener in the topping và the shredded coconut is what creates the delicious crunchy texture.

Can I substitute the jam?

Yes, you could quite easily substitute the jam with a citrus marmalade, lemon curd or a nut spread.

What can I substitute the coconut with?

I would not recommend substituting the coconut in this recipe. If you"re not fond of coconut, perhaps my Lemon Crumble bars would be a better choice!

How bởi vì you store the Raspberry Coconut Slice?

The best way khổng lồ store the slice is in individual pieces, in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

Can I use a different shaped và sized tin?

Yes, you certainly can. Depending on what you use, your base may be thicker or thinner & you will need to adjust the baking time khổng lồ suit.

If I use a non-stick baking tin, vì I still have lớn grease and line it?

I would strongly recommend greasing & lining the tin with baking paper. The jam can run down the sides of the base và become quite sticky while baking, which makes it difficult to lớn remove the slice from the tin.

What temperature should I have my conventional oven on?

If your oven is not fan-forced, I would suggest increasing the temperature by 10-20 degrees Celsius & keeping a close watch during the baking time.



Other classic slices & sweet recipes that stand the chạy thử of time và are equally popular at cake stalls are:

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I lượt thích having a stash of freezer-friendly slices, for when visitors drop in, or for an after dinner treat!

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