Easiest way to make slime farm in minecraft 1

Slimes spawning (Image via Minecraft)

Farms are important setups in the Minecraft 1.18 version, including slime farms. After the game"s biggest update in 2021, players are jumping back into the game & making new worlds. Hence, they must know how to lớn make a slime farm in the easiest way possible.

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Slime farms consist of slimes which are uncommon hostile mobs. They are huge block-like creatures that jump & attack players by landing on them. When killed, they are divided into smaller versions of themselves.

After all of them are killed, each drops one slimeball that can be used lớn make slime blocks, sticky pistons, etc., that are highly useful. This is why players must know how lớn make a simple farm of these mobs.

How lớn make a slime farm in Minecraft 1.18 version

Where bởi vì slimes spawn?

This is the first problem players might face before making the farm in Minecraft 1.18 version. Because these are uncommon mobs, they can only be found in swamp biomes or slime chunks.

Out of all the chunks in a world, only 10% of them can spawn them. Either players can make a farm in the swamp biome with lesser spawns or find a particular chunk for an efficient farm. However, players can easily fetch these distinct chunks by going lớn a site called "Chunk Base" và inserting the seed of the world.

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Items lớn have for the farm

Once players find a particular chunk or a swamp biome in Minecraft 1.18 version, they can gather items to lớn set up the farm. Players will need these items khổng lồ set up their farm:

Three stacks of strong half slabsOne stack of ladderOne stack of any strong blockTorchesHoppersCampfireGlass blocksTrapdoorsChestsBlock of ironCarved PumpkinOne stair

How khổng lồ make the farm

Firstly, players will need to lớn go down lớn Y màn chơi 28 and create a six-block deep hole around the chunk border. Players can toggle chunk borders in the Java Edition of Minecraft 1.18 version by pressing F3+G. Once they dig out a massive gap from Y cấp độ 28 khổng lồ 22, they will need to dig two blocks beyond the chunk border khổng lồ give slimes some more room to lớn spawn.

After that, players will have to create a half slab platform, four blocks above the ground. This ensures more spawning space for the mobs. The platform can be three blocks wide.

In the middle ground of the hole, players will have the collection pit with all the campfires, hoppers, và chests so that slimes will fall in there & die. On vị trí cao nhất of the collection pit, players will need to make an iron golem và trap it with trapdoors. This will ensure that the hostile mobs focus on the iron golem and jump into the campfires before attacking.

Players must make sure that the whole area is well lit so that no other hostile mobs can spawn, as these mobs can spawn irrespective of any light level underground. After this, players can make an AFK spot high above the farm for mobs khổng lồ keep spawning. This is the easiest way lớn make a slime farm in Minecraft 1.18 version.