How to make slime

If your kids are crazy over slime, learn how lớn make slime with liên hệ solution. It is so easy khổng lồ make with just 3 ingredients và a blast to lớn create.

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As you showroom the solution, you’ll eventually need to mix & knead with your hands to khung the stretchy slime. Now it is time to play with slime.The kids will go crazy over this slime. It is just so fun to make and play with. Make sure to wash hands when finished playing with slime.

Glitter idea:

You can also use a bottle of elmer white glue và mix in food coloring or paint of your choice to lớn the glue prior khổng lồ mixing in the baking soda.

We vày this sometimes and it just so fun. The kids each choose a color to make and it is really neat to lớn see how they all turn out.

Is saline solution the same as liên hệ solution for slime?

It is not the same when it comes to making slime. You have khổng lồ use tương tác solution for liên hệ lenses for the slime to lớn turn out with activators.

This is super important so make sure to use the right kind of solution. While this easy liên hệ solution is so simple to make và only requires 3 ingredients, you bởi vì need to make sure you use the right ones.

The slime will not khung properly if you use plain saline solution. Also, you need to lớn make sure to use liên hệ Lens Solution that contains boric acid & sodium borate. This is important too.

How khổng lồ store:

I like to store the slime in amason jarorziploc baggie to lớn keep it fresh. You can use whatever you prefer.

This DIY isso easy.

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It really is the perfect slime recipe when you need a super fun activity but don’t want lớn spend tons of time or money. This is very frugal lớn make and so easy with just 3 ingredients.

If you need a fun but inexpensive birthday các buổi tiệc nhỏ activity, try making this super easy slime recipe. It will be a really fun activity for the kids while also doubling as a buổi tiệc ngọt favor.

Whether you are just starting out with slime or looking for something easy, this is a great DIY. Everyone will have a blast & it is just so easy but fun.

We will definitely make this again. It is also the perfect rainy day activity or when it is just too hot khổng lồ play outside!

Give this a try! Everyone will love it & you can’t beat this frugal & easy activity.

Print the instructions :


How lớn make Slime with contact Solution

If your kids are crazy over slime, learn how khổng lồ make slime with contact solution. Contact solution slime is so easy khổng lồ make with just 3 ingredients.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Keyword: How to make Slime with liên hệ Solution
Author: One Crazy Mom


1 bottle of Glue 6 0z1/2 tsp Baking Soda1 50% Tbsp tương tác Lens Solution solution contains boric acid & sodium borate


Put the glue in a mixing bowl và baking soda & stir.
Slowly add in the contact lens solution until the slime forms to lớn the consistency that you prefer.
As you add the liên hệ lens solution, you’ll eventually need khổng lồ mix và knead with your hands to size the stretchy slime. Now it is time khổng lồ play with slime!

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