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Sticky—not exactly a word you would like used to describe the inside of your mouth. However, it is often used when describing saliva & it happens more often than you would think.

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Sticky saliva is a relatively common occurrence and is fairly easy lớn treat at home.

Today, your dentists at WhiteWing Dental in McAllen, TX, will menu the four main causes of sticky saliva as well as at-home remedies.

How Does Sticky Saliva Happen?

Sticky or thick saliva happens when there is not enough moisture in your saliva, creating a thicker consistency. In some cases, mucus will set with your saliva, creating that stickiness you feel in the back of your throat and mouth.

What are the Main Causes?


As mentioned earlier, moisture plays a big role in the consistency of your saliva. When you’re not taking in enough water, you become dehydrated, và so does your saliva.

2.Chronic Allergies/Colds

Allergies & colds are bad enough without adding sticky saliva lớn it. Unfortunately, because of the post nasal drip that often happens from a stuffy nose, the mucus can travel down the throat, settling into your mouth.


Diabetes & sticky saliva aren’t normally something you think of together, but due to the increased sugar level diabetics have, sticky saliva is a general side effect. What many don’t know is that stick saliva can also afflict pregnant women who have gestational diabetes.

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Smoking increases mucus production in the throat, creating that feeling of stickiness in your mouth. This takes place when there is disruption to lớn the upper respiratory tract.

At-Home Remedies

1.Stay Hydrated

This is the easiest and most common solution when it comes to getting your saliva back on track. It’s easy to skip your water intake throughout the day, but there are many ways lớn help make it a habit! Here are some suggestions that should help:

Use a thermos or insulated water bottle that keeps water cool all dayUse a water bottle that tracks your water intakeUse a straw—this will help with taking those quick sips throughout the dayFlavor your water with lemon or a water enhancerSet alarms on your phone as a reminder to drink more

2.Avoid Mouthwashes that Contain Alcohol

Alcohol is known to dry out your mouth. Switching lớn a mouthwash without alcohol can be a quick solution for your sticky saliva. Luckily, many companies have been coming out with mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol, so there are many products to choose from.

3.Lower Caffeine Intake

We all enjoy that first sip of caffeine in the morning…and sometimes in the middle of the day và even before bed. However, caffeine is known to dry out your mouth, creating the perfect environment for sticky saliva. Limiting the amount of caffeine you have each day can help keep your saliva at the perfect consistency.

4.Get a Humidifier

The goal of having normal saliva is to lớn have a lot of moisture in it. In certain climates, the air is dryer, sucking all that moisture out of your nose and mouth. Adding a humidifier can reverse that effect and get you back on track.

5.Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth, flossing, & using a mouthwash without alcohol is key lớn protecting your teeth from the possible damage of sticky saliva.

Why is that? Sticky saliva is known lớn be more acidic, posing more damage to the enamel on your teeth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene starts with a visit khổng lồ your McAllen dentist. Give your teeth the proper cleaning and care they deserve at WhiteWing Dental.

Sticky saliva can feel as uncomfortable as it sounds, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the cause and finding the remedy are the first steps to getting your mouth back khổng lồ the way it should be!