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Sales of Vietnamese eye care range OSLA shot up 300% after the company launched its first brand chiến dịch in 15 years. The campaign, created by JWT Vietnam, positions OSLA as a legacy brand that has journeyed with consumers, step by step, through the country’s transformative changes.

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The sharp jump in sales illustrates the nguồn of brand building in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets, where domestic companies are taking on overseas competition.

Vietnamese pharmaceutical company MERAP, which has historically done little truyền thông advertising, brought JWT on board in March to lớn help modernize & refresh their OSLA eye drops brand, to lớn bolster market share & fend off competitors. The campaign, which ran from September 9 khổng lồ October 31, included print & the brand’s first-ever TV ads.

“JWT’s chiến dịch has put our brand on a new growth track. It really hits trang chủ at who were are, và our connection khổng lồ the Vietnamese people,” said Doan Sy Hien, Vice President of Sales and marketing at MERAP.

Through striking visual metaphor & concise emotional messaging, the campaign stands out from the cacophony of functional claims typical in the segment’s advertising. The campaign taps into the hardships that the country has endured in recent history. JWT aimed khổng lồ show the long-standing reputation of the company, and the journey it has travelled alongside Vietnamese consumers.

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The ad features an array of Vietnamese people seeing the strife of the past transformed when gazed upon with ‘new’ eyes. A young woman works hard at a piece of pottery which is transformed into a classic Vietnamese vase, an old man surveys his drought-stricken crops turning into a lush green field, followed by a worker in a dusty construction turning to gaze upon Ho đưa ra Minh’s modern skyline. The voice over speaks of ‘washing away weariness’, ‘cooling drought’ and ‘soothing all hardship’ – comments pregnant with historical referencing. It draws to lớn a close with a plethora of Vietnamese faces coming together to form an eye as the voice over says: ‘A million drops, one love for eyes’.

Many Southeast Asian companies, which typically built scale with mass market production, are now starting to invest in brand building. Domestic companies have the unique opportunity khổng lồ tap their inside knowledge of the market’s consumers, customize products lớn local tastes, và to play up their history to lớn differentiate their brand from global competitors.

“Some local brands have tremendous value locked inside, including long-standing reputations that are born of storied histories & uniqueness that transcends age. Often, it’s all about identifying those existing pearls và bringing them to the forefront,” says Saby Mishra, CEO of JWT Vietnam.Monthly sales of OSLA’s eye drops grew four times, by volume, after the chiến dịch ran, & the company’s market mô tả jumped to lớn 40% from 25%, putting it on even footing with its main competitor, V-Rhoto eye drops, which is made by a Japanese multinational.

“Vietnamese consumers are among the most pragmatic. But the success of this campaign shows that emotional communication done right can truly elevate a brand, và make a real difference,” said Mishra.