Slime recipes for messy play


Don"t let slime cause a sticky mess! Discover how to lớn make slime with the kids and remove it from clothes afterwards with our tips.

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Slime has taken over the world. Whether it’s watching online videos of the stuff, buying it ready-made or having a go at how khổng lồ make slime, it’s everywhere these days. But, as fun as slime can be, getting it on your favourite outfit is no fun at all. We"ve got everything you need khổng lồ know when it comes to lớn DIY slime; from how khổng lồ make slime at trang chủ to how lớn remove slime from clothes.

In case of accidents, keep a good chất lượng laundry detergent like OMO close at hand when making slime.

This is a great activity for a rainy afternoon or for little ones who lượt thích to bởi something tactile. Follow this easy recipe of how to lớn make slime for kids using only things you’re likely khổng lồ already have at home.

300ml PVA glue (this is the normal kind of glue used for lots of craft activities, find it in children’s shops or craft stores).

1.5 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.

3 teaspoons of contact lens cleaning solution.

For an optional twist, add a dab of gel food colouring khổng lồ give your slime a bright look or use 1 teaspoon of glitter to make it sparkle.

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Add the glue và bicarbonate of soda to a large bowl & give it a good stir. 

Add the food colouring (if using) & mix again. 

Add the tương tác lens solution & mix until it starts to lớn look like slime. You want it lớn come off the side of the bowl without leaving any residue & be easily stretched out. 

Knead your slime, adding the glitter (if using), until it is pliable. Use the same technique you"d use with kneading bread dough.

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Let playtime begin!

So, you & the kids have made some slime and had good fun playing with it, but what about the stains it has left behind?

Learning how khổng lồ remove slime from fabric is just as important as learning how to lớn make slime if you don"t want your fun lớn be cut short. Try these steps khổng lồ tackling any slimy messes:

Remove as much of the slime from the fabric with a spoon. Work carefully to avoid damage to the fabric.

Rinse the stain under cold water.

Rinse off the pre-treatment và put the thành phầm in your regular wash.

If the stain occurred on trắng fabric then bleach can be an effective stain remover. Patch test first khổng lồ avoid damage, keep bleach away from children, & do not phối it with any other cleaners.

Now you know what to vì to clean slime from clothes or other fabrics, và how to make it in the first place, you & your family can enjoy more fun activities và fewer messes as a result!

Mix the ingredients together until they khung the right texture.

Add food colour or glitter khổng lồ make your slime more interesting.

Scrape any slime off fabrics carefully with a spoon.

Use detergent as a pre-treatment khổng lồ slime stains before washing clothes as normal.