Galaxy slime recipe without borax


Learn how khổng lồ make a big batch of slime for a buổi tiệc nhỏ or classroom with this easy slime recipe. Homemade slime is a fun party favor, classroom activity, or Valentine’s Day treat!


The stuff bubbling in the big bowl was supposed khổng lồ be slime.

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But instead of the popular, putty-like substance, the bowl was filled with a foaming, bubbling, liquid mess.

A few months ago on a rainy Saturday, my kids begged me to make slime with (or rather, for) them. Honestly, I don’t really get the appeal of the stuff, sort of lượt thích how I don’t get the appeal of fidget spinners.

I supposed both slime and fidget spinners keep little hands busy, but at least spinners don’t make a mess in my kitchen.

But I love doing easy crafts with my kids, I gave in & found a slime recipe online. The slime recipe included shaving cream, & we clearly did something very wrong because what resulted was NOT slime.

Like baking, making slime is really chemistry. If you don’t use the right ingredients or assemble them in the correct order, you’ll have a disastrous result.

So when my son và daughter asked for chất lượng Valentine’s Daytreats for their classrooms, I reluctantly agreed to lớn give slime another try.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a recipe for a big batch of slime that would make enough for two classrooms. So, I asked my eight-year-old to do some math (results verified by my calculator) to lớn come up with our own recipe lớn make a lot of slime for all their classmates to lớn enjoy.

Lo and behold, it worked! Here’s how to make a lot of slime for a large group, perfect for a slime themed party, slime Valentines, or classroom activity.


Ingredients to lớn Make a Big Batch of Slime

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The recipe for a big batch of slime has the same basic ingredients that a small batch has, you just need to vày math (sorry, I don’t like it either!).

Here’s what you need to lớn make slime:

Elmer’s School GlueBaking SodaBasic contact lens solutionFood coloringGlitter and/or sequins

Apparently, there are different kinds of tương tác lens solutions, so just get the basic stuff (not the kind with hydrogen peroxide). This is chemistry, folks, so any deviation from the recipe will change the results.


The basic ingredients for a small batch of slime are:

1 4oz bottle of glue1 50% teaspoons baking soda1 Tablespoon contact lens solution

My kids & I discovered that one ounce of slime is the perfect amount for a buổi tiệc ngọt favor. Therefore, this basic list of ingredients is enough khổng lồ make 4 party favors or slime Valentines.

Next, I’ll show you how to lớn multiply the recipe so you’ll have enough DIY slime for the whole classroom.

The Easy Recipe for a Big Batch of Slime

Note: Want khổng lồ make Christmas slime for a big group? Just use my quick Christmas slime recipe along with the big-batch measurements in the post you’re reading now.

Don’t be lượt thích me.

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Our local office supply store was sold out of the big bottles of glue, so I bought several small ones and felt guilty about all that plastic waste (I recycled them, though).

So, plan ahead & buy a giant bottle – Amazon has great prices (free shipping with Prime) on 1-quart bottlesand 1-gallon jugs of Elmer’s School Glue.

Now let’s vị some math.

1 quart = 32 ounces (32 one-ounce slime servings)1 gallon = 128 ounces (128 one-ounce slime servings)

Since it’s pretty unlikely you’ll need 128 slime party favors or have 128 kids in your classroom, for this big slime recipe let’s assume you buy the 1-quart bottle of glue & plan lớn make a big batch of slime for 32 kids.

Ingredients lớn make slime in bulk:

How lớn Make a Big Batch of Slime, Step-by-Step

Step 1:Start with glue

Get out a large mixing bowl and squeeze or pour in the glue.


Step 2:Add baking soda

Next, địa chỉ the baking soda and mix it with the glue. While some slime recipes don’t use baking soda, I find that it’s the best way lớn give the slime a firmer texture và help it hold its shape.


Step 3:Make the slime colorful

Add the food coloring và mix well. You may need many more drops than you think because this is a LOT of slime! Gel food coloring will work best since it’s quite concentrated.


Step 4:Add texture to lớn the slime

To địa chỉ texture & sparkle, mix in the glitter và sequins. Beads and mini pom-poms are also great for making slime an even better sensory experience.


Step 5: Make slime stretchy and squishy

Next, add the tương tác lens solution & mix well, which will make the slime stretch & squish thanks lớn the boric acid present in the solution.

Step 6:Knead it out

Knead the mixture with your hands, and start lifting the slime out of the bowl.

At this point, it may still feel too sticky, lượt thích my daughter’s slime below. If that happens, địa chỉ a little bit more contact lens solution until the slime starts lớn feel smooth and squishy but not sticky.

How to lớn tell when your DIY slime is ready lớn play with

You can tell you’ve used enough contact lens solution when it can hold its shape và leaves the bowl clean, like my son’s slime:

Step 7:Divide your bulk slime into equal parts

Now that you have a big batch of slime, use a plastic knife to lớn divide it up into equal parts so you have 32 one-ounce slime servings for each kid.

I’m still cleaning glitter off my kitchen table, so you may want khổng lồ put a plastic table cloth or garbage bag on your table before spreading out the slime.

If you’re making slime for a classroom or khổng lồ use as a buổi tiệc nhỏ favor, snack-size zip-lock plastic baggies are a perfect kích cỡ and will keep the slime from drying out.

My kids’ classmates just loved their slime Valentines with my cute, printable Valen-slime labels.

It’s Easy khổng lồ Make a Lot of Slime for a Large Group!

Not only was the slime loved by my kids’ classmates, but we had a great time making it together.

Making slime is a fun STEM activity that shows your kids what happens when how different ingredients react when they come together. Give it a try using the basic recipe, or make a big batch!

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