Best Crockpot Steak And Gravy

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This slow cooker steak recipe just about guarantees you will have a perfect beef entree. Let your crockpot turn even tougher cuts of meat into a tender and flavorful meal.

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What is a steak? Technically, any thick-cut slice of beef (or even fish) sliced across the grain is considered a steak.

Higher quality cuts of steak are tender and do well with broiling or grilling at high heat. But tougher cuts with different kinds of marbling are less expensive, delicious, & perfect for slow cooking!

The crock pot steak recipe below has been made with tons of different cuts of steak (including some of the more expensive ones). It is a very basic steak recipe that is meant to just let the flavor of the beef shine through.

Other steak recipes such as this crock-pot steak fajitas & slow cooker pepper steak recipe use tougher beef that is cut up into smaller pieces.

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📃Shopping list

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To make this awesome crockpot meal you will need:

SteakMinced garlicSteak sauce or Worcestershire sauceSalt và black pepperNonstick cooking spray or a slow cooker liner

🥩How to lớn Make the Best Crockpot Steak

It is as simple as adding some steak sauce, garlic, salt & pepper to the bottom of your slow cooker. Next, showroom in steaks. đứng đầu with the remaining sauce then let your slow cooker work its magic while you go about your day. In a few hours, your trang chủ will smell as if someone has been slaving over a hot stove all day!

Disclaimer: For those of you who love a really rare steak or one that is perfectly charred by an open flame, you won"t be getting that here. What you will get is the ability lớn take a tougher piece of meat & turn it into a really delicious steak meal.

🍽Serving suggestions

Steak & potatoes are a classic pairing. Toss in a foil packet of string beans for the last hour or so of cooking. Together with the potatoes, this will give you a full one-pot steak dinner. Other great sides that can cook right in your slow cooker along with your steak include sliced onions and bell peppers.

White rice, mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, & egg noodles are all great side dishes. Cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas, và corn on the cob can also turn your slow cooker steak into an easy meal.

Top your slow cooker steaks with some toasted sesame seeds, caramelized onions, roasted green peppers, or red pepper flakes. A simple salad is always perfect with beef recipes!

Steak in slow cooker with some potatoes wrapped in foil to make a full dinner in one pot!


To change things up, swap out half of the Worcestershire sauce with red wine or beef broth. Add a few tablespoons of soy sauce and you will have a different family favorite with little effort!Cuts of beef lớn try with this recipe include top sirloin steaks, flank steaks, skirt steak, chuck steak, & round steaks

😉Hints và Hacks

Add half of your steak sauce to your crockpot pot vessel before adding the meat. Then vị trí cao nhất the meat off with garlic và the rest of the sauce. This way all sides are covered.The low heat setting is the best way khổng lồ allow the slow cooking process to produce the most tender steak. Although steaks can be cooked on high, the extra hours on low will produce the best results.

Note: Lazy Slow Cooker Steak does not taste like, or in any way replace, a good grilled steak, but it is tín đồ favorite.

If you love making steak in your slow cooker, please mô tả your experiences in the comment section below 💕