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Kaya Jam is our favourite breakfast spread, it’s so perfect khổng lồ slather on hot buttered toast! This simplified và deliciously sweet Malaysian coconut jam recipe is made without pandan leaves, so it’s ready in 15 minutes or less.

Why We Love This

Growing up in Australia, our parents would always have toast for breakfast with fruit jams (or Vegemite!). When we first tried kaya jam in Singapore while staying with a local family, it blew our minds! Now we always have a jar in the fridge ready to lớn go.

This delicious coconut spread best enjoyed slathered over hot buttered toast with a piping hot coffee. We love it with Southeast Asian drinks lượt thích Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Malaysian Teh Tarik (pulled tea).

This is the best kaya recipe because you can easily whip up this simplified kaya jam in less than 15 minutes. All you need is coconut cream, eggs và sugar!

What is Kaya?

Kaya (also known as srikaya or seri kaya in Malaysia và Indonesia) is a sweet coconut egg jam popular across Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia & Singapore. It ranges in colour from golden brown to lớn green when infused with pandan extract or pandan leaf juice.

It’s basically an equivalent of fruit jam, usually enjoyed as a breakfast spread served on toasted bread with butter & a soft boiled egg. (We find this combination of salty và sweet flavours in Asian cuisine so GOOD!)

You’ll most often find it at local coffee houses (kopitiam) or sometimes at night markets. But you can also find it hidden inside baked goods like sweet breads or pastries! You can also buy ready made kaya spread from Asian grocers of course, but there is something extra delicious about it when you make it at home.

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Kaya means “rich” in Malaysian, referring to lớn the lusciously smooth and rich texture of this glorious coconut spread. It’s made from a blend of coconut milk / coconut cream with eggs & sugar, giving it the uniquely sweet coconut flavour và rich, fluffy texture it’s best known for.

Traditionally, the process of making kaya jam was a labour of love, taking hours of stirring over a double boiler khổng lồ achieve that thick, luscious texture & rich intense flavour. Thankfully it’s possible khổng lồ make it much more quickly by using coconut cream instead of coconut milk.

What You’ll Need

This simplified kaya jam recipe only needs three main ingredients:

Eggs – we used regular eggs, but we’ve heard duck eggs work just as well. You may need khổng lồ adjust the quantity if using larger eggs. Some recipes hotline for just egg whites or just egg yolks, but we use the whole egg.

How lớn make Kaya Jam:

Pop your brown sugar into a medium-large pan, add the coconut cream and whisk lớn combine. Note: Coconut cream usually separates in the can (and we want to lớn use the thicker cream that floats on the surface). Don’t shake the coconut cream can before opening, just spoon the thicker cream out & leave the clear coconut water aside.Add the eggs và gently heat over low heat, stirring continuously. The kaya should thicken after around 10-15 mins of stirring. If you’re using coconut milk, you might need lớn keep cooking and stirring for longer until it thickens naturally. This can sometimes take around 45 minutes to an hour (that’s why we recommend using coconut cream instead!).An optional step is to showroom corn flour (cornstarch) mixed with water to lớn help the jam thicken if needed.Remove the pan from the heat and allow the jam khổng lồ cool slightly. For an extra smooth kaya jam, use a stick blender or hand mixer khổng lồ quickly blend until lusciously smooth.Pour into a clean, sterilised jam jar or canning jar & store in the fridge for 1 to 2 months.

Wandercook’s Tips

Never shake the coconut cream can before opening, just spoon the thicker cream out & leave the clear coconut water aside.Cook gently over a low heat so you don’t end up with scrambled eggs. For an ultra smooth consistency blend for 30 seconds with a stick blender after removing from the heat.Always use a sterilised bottle/jar lớn store your kaya spread so it won’t spoil.Use a clean knife or spoon to scoop your kaya out of the jar lớn avoid cross-contamination. Never use the same knife you just used lớn slather your toast with butter.


How long will kaya last?

Kaya will last for up khổng lồ a week if left unrefrigerated, or up lớn 2 weeks in the fridge. It doesn’t contain any preservatives apart from the sugar. Always check your kaya before using và discard if you notice any mould or unusual smell. 

What does kaya taste like? Does it taste eggy?

No, it doesn’t taste eggy at all when made with the right amounts of coconut cream and sugar khổng lồ balance the flavour. 

My kaya is lumpy! How can I make it smooth?

If your kaya becomes lumpy it means you have cooked the jam on too high heat or for too long và the eggs have overcooked. Remember lớn cook it on low heat & stir continuously, watching the mixture closely lớn see when it’s thick enough, then take it off the heat straight away. If it’s only slightly lumpy, you can use a stick blender or hand mixer to lớn blend for 30 seconds or so until smooth.

Can I freeze kaya?

Yep, pop it in a freezer safe plastic container and it will freeze just fine, for up to 2 months.

Variations & Substitutes

Coconut cream – If you can’t source coconut cream you can use coconut milk of course – the flavour will be pretty much the same but remember it will probably take much longer to lớn cook & achieve that thick kaya texture.

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