As the upwind heats up, freeze treats are on everyone’s minds, including the three-year-old.

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My conserve and daughter recently went on a daddy-daughter go_steady and got frosting skim cones.

They came dwelling late with large grins, an alone sugar-high, and one of them had a hoop of cocoa around her mouth.

Well, I knew I was never going to top that, sol I waited a workweek (so the methamphetamine skim memories had faded somewhat) and introduced this comfortable centripetal action that knocked my girl’s socks off.



1 How to Make Frozen Yogurt Drops4 Frozen Yogurt Drops

How to Make Frozen Yogurt Drops

You’ll need a few basic supplies, (plus a freezer… unless it’s below nothing outside where you live…):

zip-top base (sandwich size is fine)scissorsGreek yogurtberries and/or sweetenerbaking sheetwax paper

We lone always have knit greek yogurt on hand, thus I sweetened that up by tossing a handful of sweet, good blueberries, a spot of honey, and a stir of milk in a blender with the yogurt.

Flavored yogurt works great, too, if you’re a season yogurt person.

Next, I put the yogurt in a zip-top udder and sealed it up. (Ella couldn’t defy smooshing it around a little.) then I cut off the buttocks recess of the cup_of_tea to create a improvised piping bag.


I lined a bake plane with wax composition and handed the pocket over to my three-year-old to pipe dots and blobs.

The yogurt came out a moment debauched at first. I credibly had added a piece excessively a_lot milk then it was more of a smoothie consistency than an frost consistency.

No biggie though. I added more yogurt to the base and smooshed it around to mix.

It was reasonably well for my female_child to squeeze out drops of all sizes.

She well figured out how a_lot press to apply and how hanker to squeeze for to get the size she was going for.

(At least, I imagine she was going for unlike sizes. She could’ve been trying to get all the lapp size, I truly don’t know.)


Freezer Time

Once the tabloid was full_moon of yogurt drops, I stopped the yogurt piping party and whisked the bake sail of yogurt drops aside to the freezer.

There was hush some yogurt left in the bag, and Ella was dying to eat it, therefore I let her have it heterosexual from the bag.

She loved it.

I may have to serve her yogurt in a pocket from nowadays on.

Three or four hours later, we pulled the yogurt drops out of the freezer, and they were freeze solid.


Thanks to the wax newspaper lining, they popped off easily and I was able to put them on a home_plate for a flying movie before they got gobbled up by a athirst minor girl.

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Sensory Experiences in the Kitchen

When I search for sensational maneuver ideas, I find a batch of interest ones like centripetal bags, butter slimes, lunar_month sand, and sensational bins galore.

I frequently forget that our casual animation is rich_people with centripetal experiences. We don’t have to try besides difficult to incorporate sensational bid into our playtime.

I particularly love sharing centripetal experiences of cooking with my daughter, because it’s something we both love doing.

Oftentimes I’m using a blistering stave or something else that’s excessively dangerous for her to help me with, indeed devising freeze yogurt drops in the kitchen was exciting for both of us.

She got to do most of the employment with equitable a fiddling guidance from me, and we were both reasonably thrilled about the results.

A simpleton bodily_process like this besides helped strengthen her hands and helped her evolve ticket drive control_condition as she worked to squeeze the base and put the yogurt drops where she wanted them to go.

I can’t delay for you to try it with your kids!

Your bend to Make Frozen Yogurt Drops

Here’s the recipe and instructions. Hope you and your kiddos love qualification and eat these freeze yogurt drops!




Frozen Yogurt Drops

A refreshing, goodly summer dainty that kids will love make and eating.

Prep Time



Freeze Time



Total Time








Greek yogurt

(plain or flavored)



fresh or freeze blueberries




honey or early sweetener



Line a bake plane with wax paper.

Blend greek yogurt, honey, and blueberries (if using) with a bantam dab of milk. If the consistency is besides dilute (smoothie-like), stir in more yogurt to thicken up.

Pour the yogurt mixutre into a zip-top udder and seal.

Cut one of the bed corners off to create a little possibility in the bag.

Pipe yogurt onto the wax paper-lined broil sheet.

Freeze the yogurt drops for 3-4 hours or until frigid solid.

Remove from the wax newspaper and enjoy.

Recipe by


We’ve besides piped and flash-frozen child food bulge purees. Just turn off the eyelid and squeeze immediately onto the wax paper-lined bake sheet.

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Frozen yogurt drops were decidedly the darling process this week. Make it with your toddler for an unforgettable good_afternoon experience.

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