How to make raw milk yogurt

Learn how to make yogurt from raw milk. It's easy! All you need is a steel pot, stovetop, glass jar with lid và a refrigerator! The only 2 ingredients are an organic yogurt starter (3 tbsp of plain yogurt) and a quart of raw milk.

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If you’re looking to lớn learn how to make yogurt from raw milk, you will very much enjoy the final results of this raw milk yogurt recipe. We use a store bought organic plain yogurt as a starter (3 tbsp). But we bởi vì not use a yogurt maker or crock pot. Just a pot, stove and fridge.


PinThe finished raw milk yogurt.
This is our first method and way of learning how khổng lồ make yogurt from raw milk. We’ve stuck khổng lồ this recipe since we all love it. We vị have our eyes on future variations. These will include adding gelatin, fresh fruits, whisk blending method vs spoon, fermenting without a yogurt starter & more! The usage of a yogurt maker và trying different natural flavors we look forward to lớn dabbling with.

Table of ContentsMake Yogurt From Raw Milk For The First Time+−Making Yogurt From Raw Milk – Step By Step Recipe Directions with Images +−

We heat the raw milk on this recipe at a much lower temperature than you get with store-bought yogurts made from pasteurized milk. There are different standard pasteurization times around the world, but on average it seems to lớn be around 63°C (150°F) for at least 30 minutes or a shorter duration of times at a higher temperatures. We give an easy way khổng lồ know when the heated milk is ready and include a video clip of the part at that step.

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Make Yogurt From Raw Milk For The First Time

Our raw yogurt recipe video clip shares one of our first times making this gut health boosting food. The over result looks cottage-cheesy in the pictures and video. But this is an amazingly fresh and tasty, real yogurt. Its consistency và texture is in actuality smooth & creamy.

Unless you’re going for Greek, this plain yogurt recipe is better than any plain yogurt you’ve ever bought at a store. It can be made thicker depending on preference, but this is not Greek yogurt.

Plain Yet Delicious!

You know those plain yogurts that taste extremely funky? Many plain yogurts have a distinct, unpleasing taste attached lớn them. Like they’ve gone bad even though they’re supposed to be fresh.

I’m not able to lớn express this bad taste these plain yogurts have into words, nor sạc pin point the reason. Could it come from preservatives? Or maybe from commercially farmed cows milk which is likely loaded with fortifications & whatever is injected into these heavily medicated cows.

Some plain yogurts are perfect. You don’t want anything added & enjoy them fully just as they are. Luckily, out of all the “approved” plain yogurts we buy at our local grocery store, Ling’s homemade yogurt from raw milk is better than them ALL.

This recipe here is now the exclusive yogurt we try to always keep stocked in our fridge at home. Và it has absolutely no trace whatsoever of that distinct, bad taste that many plain-yogurts have.