How to make extra sour pancakes

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What are Sour Cream Pancakes? | How to lớn Make Sour Cream Pancakes | Common Questions about Making These Pancakes | Essential Baking Tools for This Recipe

These easy sour cream pancakes have the perfect balance of flavor. They are light, slightly sweet, & fluffy. The sour cream makes them super moist and soft, but they don’t taste sour at all. These are the best sour cream pancakes, not khổng lồ mention super quick to make!

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What are Sour Cream Pancakes?

These sour cream pancakes have sour cream of course, và extra eggs. They are more lượt thích hot cakes that you might get at a diner.

These quick pancakes are a huge upgrade from the box phối kind, & they are also foolproof. They puff up nicely on the griddle, và they cook all the way through without overcooking because of the perfect batter consistency.


And let’s be real. Sometimes us moms need something quick and easy because we forgot lớn take meat out of the freezer to thaw before dinner. I will admit it has happened a few times in our house. But no shame. Some days, it’s a victory that dinner gets made at all. And these pancakes rock.

We have to remember to lớn give ourselves credit for all of the things we bởi instead of focusing on what we should have or could have done. If you make these sour cream pancakes for dinner, enjoy the smiles on your kids’ faces instead of worrying about the fact that they aren’t eating any vegetables tonight!


How lớn Make Sour Cream Pancakes

Simple và quick, this batter whips up in 5-10 minutes và only takes a few minutes khổng lồ cook. You can make the batter up to a day ahead và refrigerate it as welll. Phối the dry ingredients, lightly whisk the eggs, and mix wet ingredients into the dry (except the melted butter). Gently whisk, but bởi not vigorously stir. We want light và fluffy pancakes, not tough and dense.Add the butter và give it a quick stir. If there are a few lumps in the batter still, that is great. Don’t try to lớn break them all apart.Let the batter sit for 10 minutes so that the gluten has time to lớn relax. This makes for a softer texture, so don’t skip this step!Heat griddle to lớn 375 degrees.Spray griddle with nonstick spray or use melted butter. Make pancakes and enjoy.

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Quick Tip

If you have extra batter at the kết thúc of the meal, make the rest of the pancakes và freeze them. They are super easy to lớn warm up in the toaster or microwave for your kids for breakfast, and it will save you a lot of time on those busy, hectic mornings.

Common Questions about Making These Pancakes

Q: Can I double this recipe? A: Yes, easily! You can multiply this pancake recipe 2 – 3 times with no problem.Q: I don’t have a griddle. Can I use a skillet?A: Yes you can. If you are using a skillet, nonstick will be easiest for pancakes. You will still need lớn butter the skillet the first time và wipe most of the butter away, but you should not need butter after the first batch. If your pancakes are sticking lớn your pan by chance, you can of course use a little more butter.Q: How vì I Make the Perfect Stack of Pancakes?A: The trick is all in what you vị after you flip the pancakes. After you flip the pancakes, gently press down on them, especially in the middle of the hot cakes. This will flatten any doming that may occur, which will allow you lớn stack the pancakes without them being high in the middle and low on the ends.Q: What toppings bởi you recommend for these awesome pancakes?A: Maple syrup or buttermilk syrup of course! Some fresh berries, whipped cream, và bacon taste great as well!