Shrimp summer rolls with easy peanut sauce {gluten free}


Easy Shrimp Summer Rolls with a Peanut Sauce that’s completely gluten không tính phí and soy free! Made with rice paper, these summer rolls are protein packed, healthy, và refreshing!

I was always mesmerized whenever I ordered shrimp summer rolls with peanut sauce out at a restaurant. They came so perfectly wrapped in this beautiful glassy “paper” và they were always just an array of colors.

Making rolls seemed so complicated to lớn me, và then ya gotta make the sauce and all too…yikes!


Little did I know, shrimp summer rolls are extraordinarily easy, and making a spicy peanut dipping sauce is even easier.

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This recipe is no hassle, low carb, gluten free, soy free, and damn delicious.

Trust me, you’re going lớn be making these rolls allllll summer long! and maybe even pairing the peanut dipping sauce with more than just these rolls!


Ingredients for Shrimp Summer Rolls

Shrimp: you can use frozen or just chilled shrimp here, or you can even purchase pre-cooked shrimp if you’d lượt thích to reduce the preparation và cooking time! I included cooking the shrimp into the recipe for those that want lớn cook the shrimp themselves!

Rice Paper: so PSA, Trader Joe’s (where I bởi the bulk of my shopping) does not carry rice paper, so head on over khổng lồ the international section of your grocery store or Whole Foods!

Red Cabbage: you can purchase this pre-shredded or slice it yourself! However, you prefer!

Carrots: same as the red cabbage here!

Cucumber: you can either use mini cucumbers (about 2 will vị then) or 1 large cucumber và slice it in half. Then you slice the cucumber into matchsticks khổng lồ make your summer rolls easier to lớn roll!

Basil and Mint: the best herb combination in my opinion, I just love basil và mint combined! It makes these shrimp summer rolls with peanut sauce taste extra refreshing and delicious!


How khổng lồ roll summer rolls

I bet you’re wondering…well yeah, these sound fantastic, but how in the heck do I make?!

I should have probably also said this a little earlier, but there is a difference between making a summer roll và a spring roll! Summer rolls are strictly fresh rice paper, while spring rolls can either be fried or fresh!

So, let’s go over just how khổng lồ make shrimp summer rolls và you’ll see how incredibly easy it really is!


I like to think of shrimp summer rolls as just another version of a wrap! If you know how lớn roll a wrap or a burrito, rolling a summer roll is pretty similar!

First, start by arranging your fillings section, along with a warm bowl of water and your rice paper.

Dip one rice paper into the water & let it soak for 10 seconds. Remove the piece of rice paper & place it onto a plate or clean surface.

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Now, place a few shrimp towards the right or left center of the paper, whichever side you feel most comfortable rolling.

Add in your red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, & romaine lettuce, a few herbs, & then fold in the top shortest sides first.

Keeping the filling tight and together, begin to lớn roll lengthwise, starting with the shortest side of the roll.

Roll tightly & then voilà! Now you can tell all of your friends that you know how lớn make shrimp summer rolls lượt thích a boss!


But you can’t just eat these summer rolls plain sooooo…

Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Peanut Butter: I mean, I guess you could go without the peanut butter…but it’d be a pretty sorry looking sauce if you ask me! and you most definitely couldn’t hotline it a spicy peanut dipping sauce