Quy Nhon – a beautiful, romantic and peaceful city. This place does not only attract tourists by the beautiful wild, great sightseeing but also attract visitors by many dishes of “Nau”. Some people said that “coming to Quy Nhon, but do not eat jumping shrimp pancake is a shortcoming.” There are Xeo Cakes in many places, but jumping shrimp pancake in Quy Nhon are the most delicious because of rice flour, sweet thanks to the fresh jumping shrimp and richly flavored thanks to bowl of sauce with vegetable plate.

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Jumping Shrimp Pancakes
Ingredients to make a delicious Jumping Shrimp pancakes first is flour. Flour is make from good rice of last season, soaked with a little salt overnight, salt makes the powder not sour. The flour is better by grinding on the stone mortar. Mix the flour with the turmeric powder, add a little spice. Shrimp must be carefully selected, is the live jumping shrimp , washed carefully, put away head, tail . Bean sprout, onions, scallions washed, chopped. Picked fresh vegetables, washed to drain, mixed with cucumber, mango or star fruit. The ingredients are ready to be prepared.To make delicious cake, they are often fried on the stove, using a fat makes a thin layer on the pan, when the fat ishot, addingshrimp. The shrimps jump on the hot oil pan, fry shrimp, quickly poured powder cake, when pouring powder called “xèo xèo”. Then, take some beans sprout , chopped green onions to add more attractive … cover up. Just about 3 minutes later, the cake has spread the scent of aromatic invites. When the underside of the crispy golden cake, the rim of the cakes shrinks and the bean sprouts ripe, it's good to eat

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.The process is not simple, the recipe is even more picky. Like the people of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh, eat delicious jumping shrimp pancake must roll with rice paper , vegetables must have green mango, cucumber, vegetables and special can not lack of sprout. Sauce is a spicy garlic sauce, but each has its own way of preparation. Whether or not it depends on the sauce. There is sauce with pineapple, there is a green mango … help people eat more delicious.The jumping shrimp pancakes in Quy Nhon is very diversified. For visitors, there are many choices, besides the shrimp cake, there are also beef, squid, egg pancakes. Jumping shrimp pancake in some famous restaurants such as Ong Hung, Anh Vu, Gia Vy, Rau Mam… or Ba Ba – My Cang in Tuy Phuoc.

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