Gà Hấp Muối Sả (Steamed Chicken With Lemongrass Recipe


A quick, tender in texture with tasty aroma of sesame oil và lemongrass steamed chicken…


Steaming is really a very common cooking style in Chinese kitchen , & steamed chicken without a steamer is now so popular as we use a pot …a cast iron pot , or Le Creuset casserole instead. The heat retention in a Le Creuset pot is excellent for most recipes và let”s try steaming chicken this time by simply just place the meat onto the pot và cook instantly without water or with any sauce .

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What could be better than a comforting plate of steamed chicken ready on your dinner table with tasty aroma of sesame oil done in 30 mins ?

Don”t you think this is great ?


1- a whole chicken (1 1/2… 2 pounds ) cut into half, clean and dry.

2- 1 stalk lemongrass , a small piece ginger peeled and 50% stalk leek all shredded .

– 1 head garlic diced


3- lightly spray canola oil cooking spray onto the pot…

Steps : 

1- rub 2 tbsp of sea salt and sesame oil all over chicken evenly .

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2- place few shredded ginger, leek onto the pot.


3- place chicken onto the pot …


4- đứng top few shredded ginger , leek and lemongrass on the chicken..


5- cover pot, turn to lớn high & cook 5 mins..then turn to lớn low heat và leave khổng lồ cook for 10 mins.

6- turn off the heat and rest 5 mins , done và take out the meat…

* set aside & cool a bit before chop to favorite size.



7- heat up the pot with the left over juice , showroom remaining shredded ginger, leek , lemongrass