Steamed pork

Siu Mai (shumai) is the first thing you grab off the trolleys at Yum Cha. Và now you can get your fix on demand with this easy khổng lồ follow recipe! These Chinese steamed dumplings have a classic juicy pork và prawn filling, enclosed with wonton wrappers.

If you’ve ever wondered how to lớn make Chinese dumplings, today is the day you’ll discover that it’s totally doable by any home cook!You don’t even need a bamboo steamer!


Siu Mai (Shumai – Chinese Steamed Dumplings)

It’s so unsatisfying going khổng lồ Yum Cha* with just two people. I mean, Yum cha is all about ordering as many different types of dumplings you can, sprinkled with a few crunchy deep fried things (hello Spring Rolls!), some sort of fluffy steamed bun (Pork Buns all the way for me), & I suppose we should order something green (Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce is our standard) and fried rice makes a mandatory appearance, always.

So when you go with only 2 people, you have to lớn be very selective and careful about how you spend your dumpling credits.

But Siu Maialways makes the cut!

* Called Dim Sum over in the US