This kind of sweet bread is a recipe your grandparents may have made years ago. It is a light sweet bread made with butter, sugar and flour almost like cake. You can frost it, sprinkle with powdered sugar or just eat it with butter. This old fashioned bread is wonderful right out of the oven for breakfast with coffee or as a snack anytime. Children love the sweetness. You could add raisins, nuts or even fruit to this sweet bread recipe but we love it like the recipe says below. I think you are going to really like this bread recipe. Make this recipe for a unique gift for a friend.

Sweet bread Ingredients Needed:

All-purpose flour

Baking powder

Baking soda


Butter, melted

Vanilla extract

White granulated sugar


RECIPE FEEDBACK: “I made this first for a book club – it was on-topic, and looked neat, authentic, and simple to make.

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The bread was *very* well received, there was only about ten people so only half the loaf got eaten during the discussion but at the end everyone was grabbing some of the leftovers till there was barely any left, and a couple people asked for the recipe… a very high compliment! Since then I’ve made it a couple times for a get-together when looking for something simple and tasty to make. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe!” – Megha

“I like everyone else is sheltering in place and doing some serious baking. I came across this recipe and oh my goodness is it good! So simple yet so perfect. Followed the recipe verbatim and it is perfect as is. Reminds me of something my grandmother would make. Thanks for sharing” – Renee



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