Homemade taro/yam paste


I am counting down the days to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Every year as this holiday approaches, I wish I had more time khổng lồ make these beautiful mooncakes. They are fun khổng lồ make, lovely lớn look at and so delicious to eat. The only downside is they are labor-intensive. Over the years, I’ve developed a method of making these cakes over two days so it’s more manageable. I make the filling và syrup one day.

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Then on the following day, I make the dough and form the cakes. In sharing these videos, I am following the same timeline. Below is the first part of the recipe where we make the simple syrup và filling balls. Please click this links for Snowskin Mooncakes Part 2.

Notes on the Recipe, Tips và Tricks

When making the syrup, remember there’s no stirring while it’s cooking. (I know this is difficult.