1. Relaxing mind

Diffuse from 3 lớn 5 drops of essential oil in your living place will help the whole family feel more relaxed và anti-stress, as the sympathetic nervous system is relieve găng pressure. Because the sense of smell can directly affect the area responsible for emotions of the brain, when you smell the pleasant scent that will stimulate the brain secretory secretion helps improve the moods. Futhermore, grapefruit essential oil also has good antibacterial ability, help reduce symptoms of respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, or nasal congestion for your family.

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2. Supporting to thua trận weight

In grapefruit essential oil contains an ezyme called “palmitoyl transferase” that is capable of enhancing the body’s metabolism and relieving cravings, helping you khổng lồ limit the intake of feed deposits. In addition, it can help the body toàn thân burn excess fat effectively, that tư vấn the weight loss easier. To lớn maintain weight and weight loss, you can use 1 to lớn 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil with water and drink 30 minutes before each meal & 1 hour afterm eal to help the body toàn thân not load too much food, to increase the effectiveness of this drink you can set 1 drop of patchouli essential oil along with grapefruit essential oil. However, if you have problems involving the stomach then please restrict the intake of grapefruit essential oil. Grapefruit essential oil can be used effectively when used as mát xa oil lớn remove excess fat, firming và smoothing the skin.

3. Anti-aging

Another great possibility, grapefruit essential oil can anti-aging for skin. The high nội dung of vi-ta-min C in Grapefruit Essence will act as antioxidant, which helps to eliminate không lấy phí radicals. The elimination of these không tính tiền radicals will help the skin lớn limit the signs of age such as less toned, sagging, hill bait, or wrinkle. Regular use of grapefruit essential oil for facial cleansing will also help the skin to be better antibacterial, helping to prevent acne efficiently. You can use 1 lớn 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil và light mas sa on the skin after washing your face and rinse with clean water to completely remove any dirt on your face.

Note: Grapefruit essential oil can cause sunburn, và cause the skin to lớn get tanned if your skin directly contacts with a strong sunlight immediately after use oil. Don’t go outside when using grapefruit essential oil to lớn ensure your skin’s safety.

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4. Stimulating hair growth

Another benefit comes from grapefruit essential oil, which is the ability to stimulate hair growth & help hair be healthier. This is also one of the most well-known usage of grapefruit essential oil. High levels of antioxidant và high vitamin C is available in grapefruit essential oil, which will tư vấn your hair to become more glossy và restore damaged hair, moreover it stimulates hair growth and supports treatment baldness for gentlemen. Take 3 lớn 5 drops of grapefruit oil & dissolve with warm water then gently massage the scalp, và wait until it completely dry without having to lớn wash again, perform steadily 2 lớn 3 times per week you will feel the difference.


5. Preventing insects và deodorant.

A folk experience is using grapefruit essential oil to deodorize, or chase insects khổng lồ help limit these visit your family. The scent from grapefruit essence will prevent these insects lớn come close. You can get 3 to 5 drops in the diffuser for small & medium space in 30 minutes lớn 1 hour, unpleasant odor from food or moldy odor will be completely removed.

Instruction for use

-Used to lớn diffuse: use 3-5 drops of oil in a lamp or diffuser, depending on the area.