How to tenderize steak


Let"s find out how to soften the less valuable cuts of meat, with some grandma"s tips, lớn enjoy your slice of meat tender and tasty, in a pan or grilled.

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A quick and easy method is the use of the meat tenderizer. Place the slices of meat between two sheets of food plastic wrap, & beat them khổng lồ break the fibers: the movement of the meat tenderizer must go from the inside to the outside. The slice will therefore be thinner và softer. The foil will protect the meat and the work surface, but you can not put it on if you prefer. As an alternative khổng lồ the meat tenderizer you can use the hand: hit the slice of meat with the carpus of the hand, with a firm movement that goes outwards.

If you want khổng lồ bread or fry the slice of meat, use the meat tenderizer with the tips, beating the piece for a couple of minutes on both sides, so as to break the connective tissues of the meat. It is a method not suitable, however, for tenderising steaks lớn be cooked in a pan or on the grill, but only for slices khổng lồ be fried or breaded.

2. Cover the meat with coarse salt


If instead you want to prepare a steak, using a cheap cut, you can soften it with salt. In this case the piece of meat must be at least 4 centimeters thick: the thickness will allow the meat to lớn create an external crust, preserving its internal cooking. lớn eliminate excessive humidity from the piece of meat, pass it in coarse salt: sprinkle both sides và leave to rest for at least 1 hour, so as to lớn eliminate excess water, leaving fat and protein. Rinse the meat & dry it well before cooking. Remember that the more you leave the meat in salt, the more tender it will be: it can rest for up to 24 hours.

For the thinner cuts of meat you can try the acid marinade, that is based on citrus fruits, vinegar or wine, which break the muscle fibers of the meat, so as khổng lồ make it more tender in cooking.

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Leave the meat to marinate in a mix of vinegar & lemon juice overnight. Keep in mind, however, that vinegar và lemon tend to lớn flavor the meat. For this reason, it is advisable lớn use this method if you need to lớn prepare cutlets or even meat with tomato sauce. In the latter case, the tomato will also help to soften the meat.

4. Marinade with fruit puree


It is also possible lớn make meat tender by using the principle of enzymatic softening. Enzymes are molecules that speed up the softening process of meat. Among the fruits to lớn be used for this marinade, it is necessary lớn choose the sour ones: kiwis, pineapple and papaya are recommended. Prefer kiwis, which vì not flavor the meat too much, as they have a more neutral taste. As for pineapple, however, be careful: in fact it contains bromelain, a substance that could make the meat a mush if left to marinate for a long time. But here"s how to proceed: reduce the fruit lớn puree, lay the meat in a glass container và cover each slice with two tablespoons of puree. Cover with cling film & leave the meat lớn marinate for at least one day.

If you have little time, and therefore you cannot devote yourself khổng lồ the methods described above, then you can adopt some stratagems, to make the meat soft when cooking. The first is that of slow cooking in a pan over low heat: in this way, the connective tissue – the one that holds the muscle fibers together – will have plenty of time to melt, making the meat more tender và pleasant to lớn chew. Then there is a little tip to lớn prevent the meat from drying out during cooking. In fact, you can continuously wet the meat in a pan with water, broth or wine, without ever leaving it dry.

6. Grilling


Grilling is one of the tastiest methods of preparing meat: it makes the meat tender, juicy và it gives it a pleasant smoky smell. This method of cooking is excellent for steak & meats rich in fats: the high temperature allows excess fat to lớn melt, making the preparation lighter. With grilling, then, it is not necessary to địa chỉ other fats.

One of the mistakes that is made more often, when preparing the slice of meat, is to add fine salt during cooking. In this way the meat becomes dry and smaller, and it loses flavor. If you want to taste a slice of soft và succulent meat, add the coarse salt halfway through cooking và lightly brown it. The meat will be very tender.

8. Use baking soda


A grandmother"s secret is to use baking soda, a small trick that allows you lớn obtain soft meat, without affecting its flavor. But how to lớn use it? When the meat is cooked for one third, add a little baking soda: it will take a teaspoon for every half kilo of meat. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng it in any preparation: just be careful if you cook the meat with tomato sauce, because it could splash: in fact the baking soda reacts on contact with other components, forming bubbles. However, it will be useful lớn soften the meat.