Animate or make words appear one line at a time


PowerPoint provides a variety of options to give motion to text. PowerPoint text animation draws viewers’ attention to lớn the key points of your presentation and make viewing experience more fun. You can animate a text object on the slide with an entrance, emphasis, exit or motion path effects. Also there are different options to animate the text box in parts by paragraph or even by letter.

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It will take a few simple steps lớn apply different animation effects to text & make it visually appealing.


Select a text box you would like to animate by clicking on the frame. Go to lớn the Animations tab and choose an animation effect you like. Khổng lồ see the whole các mục of animations, click the Animation Pane button on the Animations tab. Now you can configure options for a certain animation. Select animation on the Animation Pane và choose Effect Options from the drop-down menu. Go khổng lồ the Effect tab & choose the Animate Text option: “All at once”, “By word” or “By Letter”. You can also mix delay between animations in percentage for the last two start animation types.

In the Timings tab choose the Start option for the animation: On click, With Previous or After Previous. You can mix Delay in seconds for the chosen animation, choose Duration (fast, medium or slow) & number of Repeats.

Note: iSpring will read infinity value Repeat: Until over of Slide as a 1 because the conversion engine cannot calculate the length of the slide, which is important khổng lồ proceed. Khổng lồ work around this, phối Repeat to any numeric value, e.g. 99, it will imitate a very long repeated action.

Tip: You can access timing options on the Animations Pane & edit them by moving and arranging different animation tracks.

If text contains a bulleted list, you can mix up the paragraph màn chơi till which animation will go in steps. Go lớn the Text Animation tab. Choose by what paragraph màn chơi you want khổng lồ animate your text in the Group text drop-down list.

For example, on this slide we have 4 paragraphs with nested levels from 1 khổng lồ 4. If you phối text animation By 2nd màn chơi Paragraphs, two of them will be animated in a sequence while the rest of the bullets (the 3rd and the 4th levels) will be animated at once.

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You may notice animation IDs with numbers when you select the text box. Animations with equal numbers will be animated simultaneously.

Once all the options are selected, click OK to close the Animation Effects window. You can preview animations in the Animation Pane. To lớn see the final result, go to lớn the Slide Show tab or press crtl+F5 to start playing the presentation from the current slide.

Now you can apply text animations & iSpring will take care of converting them to both website formats Flash và HTML5.

WordArt text animation

In PowerPoint you can apply WordArt styles to lớn the text.

Stylized text is converted lớn a raster image with iSpring, therefore, can’t retain the animation. Still you can apply animation to a WordArt object. To vì chưng it, right click on the stylized text, choose Save as Picture and Insert this picture into a slide. Then apply animation lớn the raster image. Note, that you can’t change text or adjust styles after you attach it as a picture.

Play around with animations settings yourself! tải về the presentation & convert it with iSpring – gain deep understanding of how text animations techniques work.

Share your presentation online

Want to mô tả your presentation on the website with all these animations preserved? Use iSpring Cloud khổng lồ instantly convert your presentation to lớn online format, and share it right away via email, social media, shortlink, or embed code.