Tet is getting closer and closer, but in the face of food safety problems, many people tend to prepare their own food during Tet at home. Coconut jam is no exception. Although this dish is not as difficult to make as many people think, how to know the secret to being successful in the first cooking is the problem. Let’s pocket how to make unbeatable coconut jam below with us!

1. How to make coconut jam with Ong Tho milk

Materials to prepare:

Copra: 1kg

Sugar: about 500-700 grams

Ong Tho Milk: 1/2 box

Vanilla flavor: 1 tube

Implementation steps:

Step 1: The split copra is washed, drained, and then used a knife to shave off the remaining brown skin on the outside. Shave into long strands with a thickness of about 1mm.

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How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

Step 2: After shaving the coconut, wash it with 3-4 times of water to remove all the oil and until the water is clear, then stop. You can wash with hot water between 50 – 60°C. Dry the coconut fiber to dry quickly, remember to cover it carefully to prevent dust from flying in.

Step 3: After the coconut fiber has drained, mix the coconut with sugar, Ong Tho’s milk and wait for about 3 hours for the sugar to flow out and blend into the coconut fibers. When the coconut fiber changes from opaque color to clear color, it can be slug.

Step 4: Use a large pan, with a thick bottom to conduct jam slugs. Pour the soaked coconut with milk and sugar into the pan, start cooking over medium heat. Stir the coconut evenly and often to avoid burning coconut.

How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

Slug the coconut until milk and sugar are strangely mixed, add a little vanilla to create a fragrance for the jam. Note that continue to stir continuously and evenly so that the coconut does not stick together. Stir until the coconut is dry, then turn off the heat and let it cool.

2. How to make coconut jam with pandan leaves

Materials to prepare:

Copra: 1kg

White sugar: 600 grams

Pineapple leaves

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Pick up damaged, decayed, old pandan leaves. Cut off the base of the leaves and wash them with water. Soak pandan leaves in salt water for about 15 minutes to clean. Then take out, cut pandan leaves into short pieces with 2 knuckles.

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Leave a little bit of cut pandan leaves to marinate with coconut to help create aroma. The remaining pandan leaves are put in a blender, add 100ml of water, grind, filter and remove the residue.

Step 2: Marinate coconut with sugar and 2/3 coconut water within 2 hours for the coconut to be absorbed. When you see that the sugar has melted and the coconut is clear, start moving to the coconut slug step. Note, while marinating, you should stir the coconut a few times to make the coconut stalks more evenly absorbed.

How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

Step 3: Pour the marinated coconut into the pan, heat at a moderate level until the water in the pan is almost empty, then pour the remaining pandan leaf juice into the pan. Lower the heat, stir the coconut evenly until the sugar crystallizes and the coconut dries, then turn off the heat and let it cool.

How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

How to make butterfly pea coconut jam

Materials to prepare:

Young coconut: 500 grams

Butterfly pea flower: 30g

White sugar: 200 grams

Condensed milk: 50 grams

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Steep 30 grams of butterfly peas with 350ml of water for 15 minutes to produce color

How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

Step 2: Wash young coconut thoroughly, cut the fibers and then soak it with butterfly pea water for 2 hours. When the coconut has absorbed the color, take it out. The remaining butterfly pea juice is mixed with 50 grams of condensed milk

Step 3: Take out the coconut to drain and mix well with 200 grams of white sugar. Marinate the coconut to absorb the sugar for 1 hour.

Step 4: Pour the coconut milk into the sugar water into the pan and put it on the stove. Use chopsticks to stir well so that the jam does not burn. After the sugar is almost dry, pour the mixture of blue beans and condensed milk into the pan. Stir until the periwinkle jam is complete.

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How to make delicious coconut jam undefeated, successful from the first try – Photo 1

Through the above 3 ways to make coconut jam, hope you will soon be able to make delicious and attractive coconut jam dishes during this upcoming Tet holiday.

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