Change, remove or turn off animation effects


If you’ve ever seen a presenter in PowerPoint click lớn reveal an object on screen (and then clicked to make that object disappear) and wondered how they pulled it off…The answer is combining the Appear & Disappear animations with trigger animations in PowerPoint & setting them khổng lồ ‘on click’.This is an easy animation trick khổng lồ pull off and works in all versions of PowerPoint 2007 and later.It’s also the same trick we used in mouseover pop up text effect trick that you can read about here Everyone asked how we did it, so here it is.

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On your duplicated slide, select your vector map (or graphic) và hit CTRL+SHIFT+G on your keyboard to ungroup the vector graphic.
This then allows you khổng lồ work with và manipulate all of the individual pieces (that’s the beauty of using vector graphics in PowerPoint).

Besides CTRL + SHIFT + G ungrouping objects, you can also ungroup SmartArt graphics, as well as tables and charts if you first paste them as metafiles.To paste a table or chart as a metafile, follow these steps:CTRL + C to copy your table or ChartALT + SHIFT + V to paste special, & select one of the metafile formatsCTRL + SHIFT + G the Metafile twiceTo learn more about what you CAN & CANNOT group và ungroup in PowerPoint, check out our blog post here.
With the vector map now un-grouped, you want to lớn group together the specific regions that you want to lớn animate.In this case, based on the data for my example, I’ll group the Western regions through Texas, and all the other states as the Eastern region.

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Why are we grouping the objects together?Besides making it easier to pull off our PowerPoint animation, this is the trick to lớn overlaying our vector map over our original vector maps without having khổng lồ re-align anything (no need to waste our time).
In this example, I will fill the Western regions blue, & the Eastern regions salmon pink as denoted on the rectangles at the vị trí cao nhất of the slide.

With your regions grouped and colored, select them all, copy them, & then paste them back on đứng đầu of the original (non-colored) vector maps on the first slide.
Note: Because we grouped the objects together, they overlay exactly onto of the original vector map. Had we not grouped the objects together, they would not fit exactly over the vị trí cao nhất of the original map.