How to make preserved lemons with salt

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Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

Three months—or even one—may seem like quite the time investment, but being, well, preserved, the cured lemons will last in the back of your fridge for up lớn a year. Và a little goes a very long way khổng lồ adding that cảm ứng of umami và an alluring depth to lớn your cooking.

You don"t need khổng lồ become an expert at couscous or find room in your kitchen for a stoneware tagine to make use of preserved lemons. Pluck one from the jar, rinse it off, and showroom it to lớn everything that calls for lemon—and everything that doesn"t. (As Paula Wolfert notes in her headnote on preserved lemons, "fresh lemons are never an adequate substitute" in recipes that gọi for the preserved variety, though preserved lemons are a fine—perhaps better!—substitute in recipes calling for fresh.)

Swap out regular lemons with preserved ones in your go-to recipes for roast chicken and fish or grilled meats. For an easy weeknight meal, toss pasta with some good olive oil, a little garlic, và chopped preserved lemon peel. Impress your friends at brunch by mixing a little of the zesty preserving liquid into Bloody Marys và swirling chopped peel into yogurt with a little honey. Và impress them again at dinner by adding a twist on the peel in your Martini. Use preserved lemons khổng lồ liven up potato or grain salads, or to enhance your salad dressing, hummus, or even, Admony suggests, guacamole. Solomonov even likes lớn freeze his, then grate the peel for granita. (He also adds a pro tip: Don"t toss the leftover preserving liquid. Instead, "sprinkle it on vegetables or fish before baking. It ups the ante and brings out all of its surrounding flavors.") Or follow North African tradition & simply put a bowlful out on the dinner table—it might just become your newest favorite condiment.