Chinese mooncake (yue bing)—traditional version

This year"s mooncake gift mix by Muong Thanh Group focuses on simple, thin, light but deeply connected details that carry a special message & convey the historical significance of the group.

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This year"s Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with a series of activities lớn celebrate Muong Thanh Group"s 30 anniversary.

The mooncake gift mix by Muong Thanh Group

Therefore, the mooncake gift mix is meticulously designed, both associated with the meaning of the 30th anniversary of the corporation & the sincere affection of the Muong Thanh people in the Mid-Autumn season of 2022.

Conveying the story of the northwest journey, where the foundation for the famous group was laid that became the largest private khách sạn chain in Indochina.

The 2022 mooncake box uses a special material called metalize (an aluminium film) on a purple background, highlighting the image of pure white flowers, the symbol of the northwestern mountains và also the flower associated with the Muong Thanh brand from the very beginning of its career.

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Flower petal icon on the mooncake box

The Ban flower carries a message of gratitude to those who have contributed khổng lồ building the current Muong Thanh brand. Each box of mooncakes given away means sending the whole heart of Muong Thanh’s people in it.

Inside the box will be the typical colours showing the intense, diverse, và rich vitality but still exuding the closeness to lớn the traditional flavours of the homeland.

The mooncakes feature traditional fillings và the distinctive features of Muong Thanh Group

The delicious taste is expressed through flavours such as đen Sesame, Caramel, Green Tea Salted Egg, Chocolate cookies, and Lotus Red táo Chrysanthemum, all of which are mixed corresponding lớn the colours red, green, blue, yellow, brown, và purple.

The northwest brocade pattern symbolises many meanings: Red symbolises aspiration and love; green is the colour of young buds; xanh is the colour of peace and prosperity; yellow is the colour of abundance và bountiful crops; brown symbolises stability, fertility, và growth; and purple is the colour of luxury.

Inspired by the striking colourful arrays on each brocade pattern in the Northwest highlands, along with the trend of returning to lớn rustic nature, the mooncake phối is a gift that Muong Thanh Group is especially passionate about giving to customers with gratitude, sending millions of wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival full of luck & happiness.

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