This Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes (Banh Trung Thu Thach Khoai Mon Nhan Dua) recipe makes wonderful homemade treats for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Hearty taro surrounds a sweet coconut milk filling to make these beautiful snack cakes. A twist on the traditional mooncakes, these scrumptious cakes require no baking and use agar agar, a vegetarian jelly, to give them structure. The Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes are a lot of fun to make. Make a batch to enjoy at home or to gift to your family and friends for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Enjoy!


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Notes on the Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes Recipe, Tips and Tricks

If you’re familiar with making layered agar desserts, you know that timing is important. Let a jelly layer get too solid and the next layer won’t stick to it. (You’ll have a dessert which peels into separate layers.) Don’t let a layer set enough and the next layer will fall through.

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Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make beautiful Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes:

Touching the jelly is the best way to tell if a layer is set. The layer should be dry and not stick to your finger. It should also be firm enough to not give to light pressure.

Make sure the taro mixture is hot, 150 F (66 C) and higher. The hot liquid melts the existing layers and helps to fuse them together. If the mixture cools and starts to solidify, heat in the microwave until it’s a hot liquid again. Be sure to stir the mixture each time it’s heated to remove any lumps.

Using a toothpick, gently prick holes in the first taro layer and coconut filling layer. (Be sure to place the pricked sides facing one another.) The hot taro mixture will flow into the holes and fuse the layers together.

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This Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes recipe yields 3 cups coconut filling mixture and 5 cups taro shell mixture. The taro shell to coconut filling ratio is about 2:1 for each mooncake but feel free to make it as you like it.

Using 3.5 ounce / 100 gram molds (like the flower silicone molds I show in the video), the recipe yields approximately 12-16 mooncakes.


These Taro and Coconut Agar Mooncakes are moderately sweet. Feel free to adjust the amount of sugar to your taste.

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To prevent the two-piece mooncake molds from leaking, here’s a nifty trick: Brush a thin layer of coconut mixture where the two pieces come together. Let the jelly set for 5 minutes. This will seal the mold and prevent leakage.

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