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You’re probably wondering what exactly is causing this build-up of gunk to lớn hang around in your airways?

In this post, we uncover the important purpose of this gooey substance và if clearing your throat continuously just isn’t cutting it, you may be interested in our handy tips on how lớn get rid of phlegm, including foods that can help.

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What is phlegm?

Phlegm is a jelly-like liquid that you cough up from your lungs.Compared to lớn the mucus that’s excreted from your nasal passages (what we commonly refer khổng lồ as snot), it’s a thicker, stickier substance.

With every breath in, you potentially inhale dust, debris, allergens, pollutants và viruses.The primary purpose of the gluey mucus in your airways is to lớn trap as many of these irritating particles as possible. Then, phlegm becomes the vehicle for their exit from the lower respiratory tract.

In short, this icky substance helps to keep your lungs clear of the germs that enter your airways.1


Phlegm is a thick, gluey mucus produced by your lungsIts primary purpose is to lớn trap virus-carrying bacteria, germs & allergensThis helps lớn keep your lungs clear of these unwanted invaders

How to get rid of phlegm in the throat

So, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of throat mucus? First of all, you don’t necessarily have to bởi vì anything. In most cases, phlegm is normal and helps with the healthy function of yourrespiratory system. Nevertheless, many people find dealing with a surplus of throat mucus unpleasant.

Fortunately, if you want lớn thin it or remove it from your body, there are a number of things you can do.


9 ways to get rid of phlegm

Drink lots of fluids

By not drinking enough fluid, you could be making it easier for excess phlegm lớn build up in your airways.

Sipping on water, juice or even chicken soup can help make mucus looser & keep it moving. This can help flush out any excess phlegm that’s built up in your respiratory system.2

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If you smoke, stop

Studies show smoking cigarettes can cause the body toàn thân to produce more phlegm.3

This links suggests quitting the habit could tư vấn the mucus clearing process.

Use a nasal spray or solution

If you’ve got a blockage of mucus in your nose or throat, you could try clearing it using nasal spray. These can either be medicated or simply a sterilised saline solution.

Invest in a humidifier

A dry environment can contribute khổng lồ the build-up & thickness of phlegm, so introducing extra moisture may help.4

For example, you could try using a humidifier or taking a streamy shower to xuất hiện up & moisturise airways. The steam could also aid with breaking down thick mucus making it easier khổng lồ cough it up.5

Apply a warm compress

Another way to combat the irritating effects of breathing in dry air is to use a warm compress.

For example, breathing through a warm wet cloth provides a moist heat source that can help with thinning mucus.6

Gargle salt water

Gargling water is thought to helps loosen mucus so it’s easier to get rid of phlegm.

In fact, a study found this simple trang chủ remedy could help lớn prevent upper respiratory tract infections.7

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine

Drinking a lot of either of these beverages can cause dehydration. This will lead khổng lồ lower moisture levels throughout your body.

If you’re struggling with phlegm, instead choose warm, non-caffeinated drinks.

Try a decongestant

As it says on the tin, these are designed lớn decongest your nasal passages.

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If you have a persistent cold và phlegm that refuses khổng lồ budge, it might be time to make a trip lớn your local pharmacy to lớn pick up a decongestant or vapor rub.

Use eucalyptus as a natural alternative

Although the science to support it isn’t conclusive, many people will swear that applying eucalyptus khổng lồ the chest helps to lớn relieve discomfort from a build-up of mucus.

Alternatively, you could try adding a few drops of oil lớn a diffuser or a warm bath.


9 foods that get rid of phlegm

What you eat can encourage phlegm lớn thrive. Dairy products, certain grains, sugary treats, red meat, and caffeinated drinks are all examples of foods that have the potential khổng lồ ramp up mucus production8.In addition, allergy-triggering foods are also common culprits.

So, for some people, eating eggs, wheat, dairy, tree nuts và gluten will be linked khổng lồ a rise in mucus8. However, some foods can help in your fight against phlegm.


This spicy root has natural anti-inflammatory properties10. Drinking a few cups of ginger tea is a pleasant way to mở cửa up inflamed airways and help your body flush out excess mucus.


Being rich in water, potassium, & vitamin C, cucumber offers a helping hand with cleansing the toàn thân of excess mucus.


The bromelain in pineapple offers up a powerful antidote to lớn inflammation which could help mở cửa clogged up airways.11


With an ample supply of the bioflavonoid quercetin, onions have a lot khổng lồ offer when it comes to breaking down mucus & flushing out phlegm.12


Broccoli is fibre rich, which a 2004 study showed can be a valuable asset when it comes to lớn reducing mucus levels in the body.13


Certain fruits & vegetables, such as garlic, come with extra phlegm-reducing qualities.

For example, Centers for Respiratory Healthlists watercress, celery, garlic, pickles, onions, lemons and parsley in its anti-mucus food list.14

Apple cider vinegar

It can be used as a natural decongestant. In addition, táo apple cider vinegar comes with some punchy, soothing properties.

It also supports your efforts to lớn reduce excessive phlegm production.


The curcumin in turmeric can help fight off infection that may be triggering mucus production.

It’s also shown khổng lồ aid with decongesting airways, supporting the excretion of excess mucus.15

Broth soups

Warm fluids are a great dietary asset in the fight against phlegm.

They can help break-up mucus, promote hydration và flush out toxins.16

As a result, clear broth soups (so no dairy) và teas (caffeine-free naturally) can be great for getting gunk off your chest.


What you eat can influence phlegm productionSome foods, such as dairy products, encourage mucus khổng lồ thriveFoods with anti-inflammatory properties can help with opening clogged up airwaysCertain fruits và vegetables also aid with reducing và breaking down thick mucus