Top 5 minecraft traps to fool friends

Image via Minecraft

Sometimes players just need a break from the daily rise và grind that Minecraft offers, as players just want to lớn have fun.

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And what"s more fun than ruining the trust of the other people on a Minecraft world? Not much. This is where these five traps come into play.

Whether it be death by falling, lava, or pufferfish, these traps are sure lớn bring a smile khổng lồ the faces of even those who fall victim. Of course, players must be sure to check in with friends first khổng lồ see if it"s okay lớn prank them, as sometimes even the smallest of pranks can backfire tremendously.

Minecraft"s five best traps

#5 - The updated sandpit

This trap will be a tad expensive as it requires a fair amount of quartz, found in the nether. It is used for a line of around 30 observers, redstone blocks that detect block updates in front of the "face" of the block. It also requires a ton of scaffolding, so players must ensure lớn find a wandering trader or a jungle to lớn gather the necessary bamboo.

They need to dig out a vast pit, and create a layer of scaffolding at the đứng top to place sand on, use four pillars of scaffolding lớn connect to lớn the bottom of the pit.They can run redstone lines from the bottom into four pistons placed at the base of each pillar; so that way, the pistons destroy them.Players must place torches on every xuất hiện block at the bottom so the sand will be destroyed upon impact.Finally, they have to lớn place sand on the đứng đầu layer of scaffolding and a valuable block such as kim cương ore on the observer at the top.

When players dig the block, the observer will activate and send a pulse down the line, extending the pistons và setting off the pit-fall trap.

For useful redstone contraptions that won"t harm players, they can check out the five best redstone builds for your base.

#4 - The kém chất lượng house

All this trap takes is some TNT and a few redstone repeaters, plus some spare building blocks and a single iron door.

Gamers can construct a believable house as seen above, but must ensure to include furnaces & chests that can be filled with junk, or nothing at all.They can make a redstone line connecting the button from the iron door through a few redstone repeaters, so the pulse is extended to lớn a few more seconds.They have to place the TNT, but make sure everything inside looks realistic, and wait for the death message.

The goal is that players will be locked inside, & their greed will take them to loot without realizing that they"re trapped. Once they hear the TNT hiss, it"s too late.

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Gamers looking for base designs can check out this article on the five best Minecraft houses.

#3 - TNT bed

This one is incredibly simple. All it takes is one bed, one observer, one redstone dust, & one piece of TNT.

Players can place the observer such that the "face" is towards the bed.They can phối the redstone dust under the observer.Finally, they have to put the TNT next lớn the dust.

When players sleep in beds, the block change results in the observer activating and the TNT getting powered. Players stuck in this trap will be going khổng lồ bed for the last time.

Caution: This will obviously bring the victim back to the world spawn, which may be a long way back trang chủ in some cases.

#2 - The deadly pufferfish

With just a dispenser và a button, Minecraft"s pufferfish can be weaponized. Dealing one & a half hearts of damage on hard và applying poison, enough pufferfish in an enclosed space can make quick work of players.

Gamers need to lớn replace a friend"s ceiling with dispensers facing down.They can fill each dispenser with pufferfish.They then need khổng lồ connect them all with redstone và a pressure plate.

When the victim steps inside their house, it"s immediately flooded and filled with dangerous, deadly pufferfish.

#1 - The bubble elevator trap

This is Minecraft"s easiest and most effective trap for just killing players.

Bubble elevators are created when either a piece of soul sand or magma block is mix under a column of water source blocks. In this case, soul sand is required as it pushes the bubbles upwards, but waiting at the vị trí cao nhất is nothing short of a không tính phí return khổng lồ the nether. Once skyrocketing up, there"s very little that players can do to break free, save for using a potion of fire resistance.