Yo puff daddy Get off me Ladies & gentlemen You"re about to witness something that you"ve never witnessed before Sauce money"s in the house & he brought his man with him I leave rap in a state of shock Where khổng lồ rock, from the figures still Play the block with my niggas Ill lush, game trăng tròn pounds, but all my niggas still crush Still stack chips galore Chicks want out the ghetto, try to lớn hit you raw Better know that everything i love - roll back Cop my first gold plaque, soon as my man blew Still spittin" the fly, hits you can"t vì nigga You ain"t gainin", you game in, barely maintainin" I push fly whips without strainin", my cliques smother Get tougher, hits rougher, puff is deep in the streets lượt thích chris tucker My wrists cluster, on a di động P-diddy, rap mogul, thought i told you that we don"t stop Thought i told you that when i drop, platinum plaques I cop, push bentley"s without the tops, nigga (puff daddy) Try khổng lồ see if you see what i see Give my game và spit my g When it"s all done, stack, funds, và i"m the one On vị trí cao nhất is where i be Tell me, bởi vì you see what i see? (when i look in your eyes, i see you hatin" inside, so tell me) vì you see what i see? (i know you"re hopin" i"m blind, cause you don"t want me lớn shine) No secret, undefeated, i"m đứng top seeded Whenever i drop hits, you don"t want it, you need it This a hot joint from sauce, you feel cheated Unanimous decision, love the way i freak it Brooklyn, shogun, beat the 4-1 Niggas want khổng lồ bite off my flow son I don"t think no one, got that, rock a hot track lượt thích me, nice lớn the sauce? naw Spit rounds, it"s rough did i mention the thorough? Bk forever representin" my borough Push fly whips, quick lớn stack my chips Too easy for you lớn understand my hits When the album drops every pocket hold some Sauce motherfuckin" forever, i told son Hypnotic, heard the ? war "fore i shot it Better cop it, cause all that fly shit, i got it (chorus) I took rap by the throat và locked it P-diddy fixed all those who tried to stop it Some of y"all tried khổng lồ blast off, but couldn"t rock it If my flow ain"t lượt thích a door, how could you knock it? (pd) As a matter of fact, yo don"t you hate that? (hate that) Whenever cats playa hatin" from way back (way back) Mad at you, just because they whack (they whack) and i bought your style, older than 8-track (8-track) Only way to lớn react though Make hot joints và stack dough Laughin" at your whack flow Try to catch my g Just so you can rap like me Act lượt thích me Rap like me But it seems as though you dreamin" a lot (pd) I"m the cream of the crop Soon to lớn be seen in the drop (pd) Blow the spot for the not Control the block, watch his name bubble lượt thích a soda pop (pd) When he drop (chorus 4x) Sauce money Puff daddy Bad boy forever B.i.g. Forever Hitmen Prestige, rock on playboy