How to make vegan pâté

Vegan pâté is a Vietnamese staple!Typically used in banh mi, I grew up eating this smeared all over bread as a snack(or a meal if you’re a lazy adult like me lol)


I am the queen of unfinished projects; I think that’s why my blog was so successful for me when I started it. Blog posts và recipes are pretty short term projects that don’t typically require a long term plan for completion. However, ambitious recipes that are slightly intimidating because they’re traditional Vietnamese recipes or they’re kind of complex make me feel lượt thích I need to lớn go the extra mile to lớn perfect them. This vegan pâté was something I had been working on over the summer but I was concerned it wasn’t smooth enough or creamy enough to lớn be the right consistency.

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I had put off the project for a while, worried about the amount of pâté I would have to eat if I didn’t quite nail the recipe. I wanted to lớn create something creamy, light, almost fluffy lượt thích the pâté I grew up eating. With some research on what typical animal-based pâté was, and honestly it was just ground up bits of animals (mostly liver). Not the most pleasant, và I was confident that I could veganize it into something much more palateable. I’ve tried a few vegan version in the past that use different nuts và spice profiles, but the thing that bothered me the most was how dead và gray it would look.


The pâté I grew up eating was fluffy và pinky brown, or if I was eating it from a traditional banh ngươi place, it would be more of a greyish brown (with a layer of fat or butter on top). It’s not the most appealing food, but it’s a comfort food of bringing pâté, a baguette, and a couple of crunchy vegetables with me to a park or the beach khổng lồ enjoy with my family as a snack or picnic. Maybe that’s not the typical method of enjoying pâté, but that’s what I resonate with the most.

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The first iterations I tried involved pumpkin seeds and/or sunflower seeds, but I found it too grainy or chunky when blended in just my food processor alone. The flavour profile itself was tasty enough, but I wanted that creamy, luscious texture, và I knew that more fat definitely needed khổng lồ be incorporated, but I didn’t want it to lớn just be fat that smoothed it out.

Much like how people soak cashews lớn soften them for desserts, I figured I’d try that with sunflower seeds! It worked like a charm. Creamy và luscious, especially with a high speed blender lớn completely pulverize every bit! showroom about 2 tablespoons of vegan butter lớn give it that creamy fluffy texture, then tomato paste and paprika to showroom a touch of sweetness và colour, then you have the pâté of my dreams! I added a cảm ứng of trắng pepper to địa chỉ a tiny bit of heat, but it’s not spicy. It’s just a lingering warmth that you don’t realize is there until you wonder why you want khổng lồ keep eating more.


I made this recipe in time for my lemongrass tofu banh ngươi recipe chạy thử at London VegFest this weekend (hope lớn see some of you there!) và I am so happy with the results! I won’t be demoing this recipe at the vegfest, but I’ll be showing you how I make the lemongrass mixture for the tofu, và then assembling the delicious banh mi! It feels really good and somewhat validating to lớn be diving back into Vietnamese recipes, so I hope you have been liking it. Life has been a little up and down lately, mostly up, but you know me, ever so sensitive to the ebb and flow.

If you try this recipe for Vietnamese vegan pâté, be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook! I always enjoy seeing your versions of my recipes và sometimes you come up with pretty interesting twists or improvements, it’s pretty cool :)