Sweet Korean Dipping Sauce


Till not too long ago, pancakes for me meant cheela. The flour/batter of the pancake would vary: if not besan then moong or sooji, but the template of ‘thick batter + a dash of seasoning’ was a constant.

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A chance viewing of Maangchi’s vegetable pancake recipe brought about a paradigm shift* in this template.

<*Did I ever think I’d use this bit of jargon in a food blog!>


I learned that the composition of the pancake could be turned on its head. Here the vegetables reign, the batter merely holds the vegetables together. It took a couple of attempts lớn get the batter right in the absence of all-purpose flour.

Here’s the recipe of vegetable pancakes I used – with thanks to Maangchi!

You Need:

For the batter:Atta (whole wheat flour) – 1/4 cupSalt – khổng lồ tasteWater – 1/3 cup (adjust according to lớn fineness of the atta/sooji)For cooking:Oil – 1 tablespoonFor the vegetables:

Use an assortment that gives 1.5 cups of vegetables – indicative danh mục below:

Capsicum red/yellow/green – ~1/4 cup of slicesCabbage – ~1/4 cup, shreddedRed onion – ~1/4 cup of slicesSweet potato – 1.5-inch pieceRadish – 1.5 inch pieceSpring onions – 2 stalksGarlic – 1 cloveGreen chili – 1


For the dipping sauce:Soy sauce – 2 tablespoonsVinegar – 1 tablespoonSugar – 1/3 teaspoonToasted sesame seeds – 1/2 teaspoonGarlic – 1 clove, finely choppedOnion – 1 teaspoon, finely choppedSpring onion stalk – 1 teaspoon, finely choppedFresh chili – 1, finely chopped


How lớn Make Vegetable Pancake:

1. Make the batter

Sift together sooji, atta & salt. Pour in an equal amount of water. Mix lớn a smooth paste.


In the picture above: (right) dry flours – atta, sooji, salt; (left): batter – dry flours mixed with water.

Refrigerate till it’s time khổng lồ cook the pancakes.

2. Prep the vegetables

Chop the vegetables into thick matchstick-sized pieces.


Pour the batter prepared in step 1 over the vegetables. Fold together.

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3. Cook

Heat half a tablespoon of oil in a flat non-stick pan that’s at least 6 inches wide. Make sure that the oil coats the entire surface of the pan. Tip in the batter-covered vegetables into the pan. Flatten it out to form an even pancake.


Cook for 5-6 minutes on medium heat.

Check for browning at the edges và shake the pan slightly from this point on, to kiểm tra the doneness of the side facing down.

When the side facing down is almost done, sprinkle some oil on the pancake’s surface. Use a wide spatula to lớn nudge the pancake out & turn it over.


Alternate approaches for turning the pancake over:

If you’re wary – with hands in protective gloves, place a heat-resistant metal or ceramic plate over the non-stick pan. With one swift motion, turn the pancake upside down from the pan onto the plate. The pancake would land on the plate cooked side up, uncooked side down. Now slide the pancake back into the pan as-is, with cooked side up, uncooked side down.

If you’re daring – just flip!

Cook for another five minutes or till the side facing down has browned too.

Vegetable pancake is ready.


Serve the pancake hot along with soy dipping sauce.


Recipe follows…

4. Make the soy dipping sauce:

In a mixing bowl, pour in dark soy sauce & vinegar. địa chỉ to it finely chopped garlic, onion, spring onion stalk, chili and sugar.


Mix all the ingredients till the sugar dissolves. Stir in toasted sesame seeds.

Soy dipping sauce is ready lớn have with your vegetable pancakes!


Cut wedges of vegetable pancake & dip into the sauce before popping them in, or pour over a side of the pancake just before you’re preparing to lớn eat it.



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