How to make korean pancakes with spicy soy dipping sauce

Korean Pancakes – Pajeon:This easyKoreanPancake recipe, called Pajun is loaded with vegetables, & served with a spicy soydipping sauce.

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Korean Pancakes

Let’s talk about Korean Pancakes, but first…

If you’ve hung around A Spicy Perspective for more than a few weeks, you probably know I am crazy about global cuisine. I love experimenting with quality flavor combinations, exotic spices, và classic dishes from places we’ve traveled.

Well, today’s dish falls under the none-of-the-above category but is still dazzling enough to share. *wink*

Korean Pancakes: Pajun (Pajeon)are made from a standard savory pancake batter mixed with shredded potatoes & various fresh vegetables, they then are pan-fried khổng lồ perfection.

There are no “unique” or “exotic” combinations here unless you find the soy & sesame seeds in the dipping sauce exotic.

And I’ve never explored Korea. I’ve only passed through the Seoul Airport heading lớn other locations.

Nevertheless, my family has afavorite Korean restauranthere in Asheville, và we absolutelycannotvisit without ordering the Pajun Korean Pancakes. They might be the best things on the menu.


Korean Pancake Recipe

Korean Pancakes arecrispy on the outside, soft and moist in the middle,andchock-full of fresh lightly-cooked vegetables.

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Now, I know we don’t always think of vegetables as kid-friendly, but my two babiesbegfor Korean Pancakes: Pajun (Pajeon).

We also took a little friend, who is extremely picky & has a delicate palate, to eat Korean Pancakes with us và she was crazy over them as well.

So for the last few months my children + one, have been begging me lớn figure out how khổng lồ make Pajun at home. Today’s recipe is dedicated to lớn Carson, Ava, & Paiton, my favorite little Pajun eaters.


Mandoline Slicer

The vegetables should be cut really small,julienne-cutto make sure they cook through. I used mymandoline slicerhere to save time.

Assumingyou might not own a mandoline,I also usedpre-shredded carrots và hash browns.(Instead of whole potatoes and carrots khổng lồ cut down on the prep-work.)


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