Homemade teeth whitening: grandmother's techniques to whiten teeth


We all dream of having white teeth & a perfect smile. Indeed, teeth yellowed by bad habits (such as drinking coffee, or smoking) or poor oral hygiene can become a source of the complex. Và even paralyze your social & professional life. Unfortunately, many causes can explain the yellowing of your teeth. Và especially taking certain medical treatments or dental disease. The techniques that we are going khổng lồ present to lớn you are indeed very easy to lớn reproduce at home, painless, effective. But also completely benign. They will also allow you khổng lồ save your money since ambulatory money laundering represents a small sum of money. If you want to get a ready-made solution, I advise you to lớn read our review of the Soleil Glo product, an effective & affordable solution. To lớn whiten your teeth at home, trust our grandmother recipes. No chemicals are needed to lớn remove yellow stains from your teeth since a few natural ingredients will bởi vì the trick.

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Good reflexes lớn limit yellowing of teeth

If having perfectly trắng teeth is today a sign of good hygiene and a criterion of beauty, it is not always easy khổng lồ keep an impeccable smile. Indeed, despite all our efforts, we are not born with the same dental capital. And some will, therefore, have naturally more yellow teeth (their enamel absorbs food stains more quickly). However, a few preventive measures are often enough to prevent the yellowing of your teeth. To start with regular brushing of your teeth: at least twice a day, & preferably after each meal. Also, avoid drinking tea or coffee, as these two hot drinks tend to lớn yellow your teeth. If you drink it, remember lớn rinse your mouth well afterwards. And wash your teeth immediately afterwards if you can — ditto for cigarettes, which are very bad for dental enamel. And your oral hygiene in general.

You can also brush your teeth with mouthwash & use dental floss lớn get rid of any food residue. And if your teeth are extremely yellow or that bothers you, the best solution will be lớn turn to lớn a dentist. Indeed, only he will be able to lớn carry out an in-depth treatment, in particular with the laser. 


Expect a fairly expensive intervention, however. It can also not be performed on excessively fragile teeth.

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Strawberry toothpaste to the rescue of yellow teeth

We rarely think about it, but strawberry toothpaste does not have the sole advantage of having a more pleasant taste than its cousin with chlorophyll. Indeed, the strawberry is ideal for whitening your teeth, since it is composed of malic acids which will attach the tasks. Lớn prepare this homemade teeth whitening recipe, you have to buy very ripe strawberries (which you will quickly see by their color) & then crush them khổng lồ obtain a puree. Plunge your toothbrush into it & brush for 3 khổng lồ 5 minutes and rinse with water only. Also, consider using dental floss because strawberries are full of small seeds that can get caught between your teeth. The wire will allow you khổng lồ remove them.

The fruit peel tip

The skin of fruits is another surprising method of trang chủ teeth whitening. Indeed, the peel of an orange or banana contains components that can whiten the enamel of your teeth. & by applying it on your teeth every day và for two to three weeks, you should see a marked improvement. For example, the trắng flesh between the fruit & the skin of the orange contains limonene, which will be more effective right after you have peeled it. Rub it on your teeth for 3 lớn 4 minutes. Ditto with the banana whose peel contains potassium, manganese, và magnesium with whitening properties leave the deposit for about 15 minutes on your teeth before rinsing.