Easy green cabbage kimchi recipe

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Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine for a reason.

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It is perhaps an acquired taste, in that its fermented nature can make its flavour profile incredibly powerful. When made correctly, and fermented for the right amount of time, there are very few things that reach the same depth of flavour as kimchi, & very few side dishes that can steal the show from a main course either. The preparation time for kimchi is reasonably long, và if you don’t have a food processor handy, there is a lot of chopping involved, however the rewards you will reap are certainly worth it.

Note that this recipe is a culmination of several different kimchi recipes taken from the brilliant minds of a multitude of Korean grandmas, meaning that I have attempted to keep it as unwesternised as possible. There really is no substitute for gathering recipes from their original cultural source, & I’d always suggest skimming a selection of different recipes before committing khổng lồ one in particular, especially if you have the opportunity to learn from someone who has a richer understanding of the culture of a dish.


Prep Time 1 hour 30 minutes

Fermentation Time 2-3 days



For the Cabbage

2kg Napa Cabbage or Wombok250g (1 cup) table salt

For the Vegetables:

5 large spring onions2 large bunches garlic chives (Asian chives)3 large carrots1 large bae pear (Korean pear)1 medium Daikon radish or 10 medium red radishes1 brown onion1 large bunch water spinach or equivalentHalf bunch fresh Coriander

For the Spice Mix

1 cup Gochugaru chilli flakes100g salted shrimp (fermented shrimp,) juice squeeze out & finely chopped80ml (1/3 cup) fish sauce20 cloves garlicginger

For the Porridge

500ml (2 cups) water2 tablespoons rice flour4 tbsp sugar


Large bowlLarge Tupperware container


KnifeBoning knife or equivalent for trimming meat

Salting the Cabbage

Prepping the Vegetables

The Porridge

Finishing the Kimchi

This recipe is incredibly versatile, in that you can use any number of substitutes for cabbage, và can alter it to lớn be vegan reasonably easily.

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For a vegan version, simply substitute the fermented shrimp for red or trắng miso paste, và use soy sauce instead of fish sauce. This combination should still give the kimchi a wonderful umami flavour to lớn help substitute for the lack of a seafood punch.

If you are looking lớn make some different types of kimchi, you can use radish leaf or any number of cresses. Kimchi cucumbers can also be delicious. I actually prefer the radish kimchi to lớn standard kimchi, as the stems of the radish plant tend to lớn soak up the juice nicely while still having a satisfying crunch to lớn them. What’s nice about using other vegetables aside from cabbage is that it shortens the recipe time, as you can avoid the step of salting and soaking, instead getting right khổng lồ putting everything together!