If you fail to make a young coconut jam, buy meat and make it into a delicious, undefeated coconut braised meat dish


Young coconut jam is a delicious dish that can hardly be absent on the Tet tray every spring. The taste that this gift brings can completely knock anyone down, even on the first try.

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Young coconut jam

In the days approaching Tet like this, many women also share và apply recipes for making young coconut jam online. Some people succeed, some people fail. However, the case of failure in “glorious” below was enjoyed và praised by many netizens for the quick wit in the way of variations when the batch of young coconut was unfortunately damaged.

Recently, a friend with facebook nick Tran Huyen Chau shared her funny story when she made young coconut for her family to enjoy during Tet.

FB tài khoản Tran Huyen Chau shared the story of his extremely timely variation

All preliminaries have been carefully prepared và completed. Ready-to-eat young coconut, washed with water, cut into pieces and sliced ​​in a fiber style.

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Young coconuts are carefully selected và processed

The next thing is lớn go coconut slug with sugar. However, the result is a bit bitter, when…

Because of an error in a certain technical step, the sugar water cannot mix with the coconut lớn create a dry consistency when the slugs are on the stove.

Everything seemed to over here and everyone thought she would give up her chopsticks. However, an extremely harsh turn when Tran Huyen Chau quickly ran to lớn the market lớn buy 1kg of bacon. & after just over 30 minutes, the delicious pot of braised meat was officially launched.

Turn the steering wheel at 89 minutes when the young coconut jam turns into coconut braised meat

According khổng lồ the sharing, her friend Tran Huyen Chau said:

“My husband and children love coconut jam very much. I make it every year, but with the ingredients of old coconut. 100% success, even giving it as a gift. This year I also wanted lớn follow the trend, so I decided to bởi vì it with young coconut. Who expected it khổng lồ fail. But I thought it was a pity for sugar, a pity for a coconut, a pity for the whole island, so the idea was lớn store meat.”

I thought this variation would be difficult, but it really isn’t. Chau added, “Just take out the sugar water, keep the copra và then re-season the spices and stock with the meat. The rest of the sugar water should be put in the refrigerator, for later storage again.”

If the way to make young coconut seems difficult lớn succeed, the way lớn make old coconut jam is easier.

Old coconut jam

So what is the secret lớn making old coconut always successful?

Should choose coconut cake khổng lồ cut fibers as well as slugs easier Cut the coconut into segments of moderate length lớn avoid breaking when the slugs with sugar Must soak & drain the coconut with water to lớn wash away the remaining coconut oil After washing, have khổng lồ wait for the coconut lớn dry completely before going khổng lồ the step of dyeing the coconut. Slug the coconut on low heat, avoid letting the fire burn easily.

That’s it guys! Don’t be discouraged when you are on the edge of success & failure. Come back and fail in your own chất lượng way!

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Từ khoá: If you fail to make a young coconut jam, buy meat & make it into a delicious, undefeated coconut braised meat dish

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