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You may know that Vietnam has more to offer than the iconic Pho or Banh Mi. But did you know about its desserts? Sweet, savory, & more! It’s high time you got lớn expand your dessert radar so hold tight và get ready for a very fulfilling ride into the Vietnamese dessert land.

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1. Dried Fruits (Ô mai)

Inheriting Chinese influence, this delectable dessert has been around for a few hundred years in Vietnam. We can menu several dozen kinds of dried fruits, but the following are the most Vietnamese.

Dried Dracontomelon

The Vietnamese consider this dried fruit a Hanoi signature. The crunchy texture, the aromatic ginger, and the incredible blend of sweet-spicy-sour flavor keep you coming back for more.

Dried Ginger Apricot

Your inner child will be so thrilled to lớn know that desserts can be medicine in Oriental Medication. Indeed, the Vietnamese use dried ginger apricot not only as desserts but also as a cold treatment. Today, people enjoy the sweet, salty, and sour taste of dried ginger apricot almost all year round. You can have it by itself, or phối it with hot tea.

2. Pomelo Sweet Soup (Chè bưởi)

To many Vietnamese, nothing beats a hot summer day than a cup of iced pomelo sweet soup. What makes it so satisfying? The slightly chewy and crunchy texture of pomelo peel, a hint of sugar, soft green beans, and the creamy coconut milk on top. Now, all you have to vì chưng is savor it to lớn the last drop.

Pomelo sweet soup; Photo credit:

3. Vietnamese Panna Cotta (Chè khúc bạch)

This delicate sweet dish only appeared a few years ago, yet it is now one of the must-try desserts in Vietnam. Wonder what’s in there? Little panna cotta blocks in mild sugar water, almond bits, a few longans, and that’s it! An elegant, pretty looking dessert that will delight your taste buds on summer days.

4. Black & Green Bean Sweet Soup (Chè đậu đen/xanh)

Here’s a breakdown of a chè đậu đen/xanh cup: Purée green beans, cooked black beans, tapioca pearls, & gelatin cubes. While it may appear plain khổng lồ some, this simple sweet soup reminds many of their childhood and remains a favorite lớn this day.

5. Tang Yuan – Glutinous Balls With đen Sesame Filling (Bánh trôi Tàu)

Despite having a tropical climate, northern Vietnam gets lớn enjoy winter thanks to lớn it being closer to China. As a result, many are fond of hot dishes, including desserts! Another adoption of Chinese influence, Bánh trôi Tàu is a beautiful blend of thick malty water, fresh ginger, black sesame balls, & roasted peanuts. You may think that the combination of hot, sweet, và spicy is a bit off. But worry not, try one and you’ll become a tín đồ in no time.

6. Cha Cot Sweet Soup (Chè Bà Cốt)

Vietnam’s special love for rice is often reflected in the country’s cuisine. Trà Bà Cốt, a proud invention of Hanoians, is no exception. Yellow sticky rice is steamed then slow-cooked in malt water. Once it reaches a gluey consistency, showroom fresh ginger, shredded coconut, & green beans. Each bite is so deep in flavor, you will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

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tía Cot sweet soup; Photo credit: aFamily

7. Green Bean Cake (Bánh đậu xanh)

It seems that the simpler a dish is, the more likely it can stand the chạy thử of time in Vietnam. Born in the 20th century in nhị Duong, a thành phố neighboring Hanoi, the green bean cake is one of those long-lived desserts. The recipe? A simple mixture of green bean powder, purified sugar, và sunflower oil. So simple, yet so endearing to many generations. If you try Bánh đỗ xanh one day, remember khổng lồ avoid freshly made ones. Like cheese, the cake’s flavor is fully developed after around 10 days và best served with a hot cup of tea.

8. Green Sticky Rice Cake (Bánh cốm)

Another rice dessert that embraces the “simple is best” concept. Young rice in the fall is harvested lớn make the cake. Together with sweet green bean paste filling, Bánh cốm is often seen as a signature of Hanoi’s autumn. Today, you can enjoy the cake regardless of the season. But, it feels the most special to lớn savor Bánh cốm in Hanoi in the fall.

Green Sticky Rice Cake; Photo credit:

9. “Floating” Rice Balls (Bánh trôi)

Every year, on the third day of the third Lunar month, Vietnamese families get together khổng lồ remember their ancestors. Guess what’s the main dessert of this day? It’s Bánh trôi or “floating” rice balls. The dish got its funny name from the cooking process. Rice balls are boiled in a big pot & “float” on khổng lồ the surface when done. Now, people can enjoy these silky rice balls with malt cubes almost any time of the year. But, having Bánh trôi on the right day feels home the most. So, give it a try when you have the chance!

10. Black Sticky Rice Cake (Bánh gai)

Can you imagine using a fiber crop to lớn make food? In Vietnam, people have been using ramie leaves to get the natural coloring for Bánh sợi for hundreds of years. When mixing rice dough with ramie leaf extract, the final hàng hóa will turn đen after steaming & release a pleasant aroma. Combine that with green bean pureé, fat cubes, winter melon jam, và sesame for the filling. And there you have it, a farmer hàng hóa that is loved through & through.

11. Steamed Honeycomb Cake or “Cow” Cake (Bánh bò)

Banh bo’, the chewy, sweet sponge cake, is another adoption from Chinese cuisine. The recipe is pretty straightforward: rice powder, sugar, coconut rice, & water. Some people believe the cake’s amusing name comes from the shape of the molds (like a cow’s teat). No matter what, this simple cake is still a joy khổng lồ many until this day.

12. Teochew-style Pastry (Bánh pía)

Bánh pía was first popular in the Mekong Delta và later nationwide. A savory pastry with several shells wrapping around the filling, including salted eggs, green bean paste, and durian. You’re not a fan of the stinky fruit? Worry not! Thanks to lớn the other ingredients, the durian’s smell in Bánh pía is subdued và you’ll find it surprisingly pleasing.

Teochew-style Pastry; Photo credit: aFamily

13. Fried Pancake (with bananas or sweet potatoes)

Pay a visit to lớn Hanoi in the winter and you’ll see this dish everywhere. Và the recipe for fried pancakes is so simple that you can try it at home. Flattened bananas và shredded sweet potatoes are mixed with flour batter and deep-fried. Then, đứng đầu it off with some sesame và you’ve got a greasy, crispy, & hearty treat!

14. Sticky Rice Ice Cream (Kem Xôi)

Warm sticky rice và ice cream?! The combination may seem odd at first but once you give it a try, you’ll see that it makes perfect sense. Lượt thích fried ice cream, the idea of a hot and cold dessert is what makes Kem xôi a favorite for all seasons in Vietnam. Our recommendation? Try Kem xôi on a winter day for ultimate enjoyment.

15. Candy

A dessert danh sách isn’t complete without some candies. Although the Vietnamese aren’t big on candies, they still have some great sweets that you should try.

Sesame Peanut Candy (Kẹo Lạc Vừng)

The sesame peanut candy holds a special place in many locals’ hearts. A simple sweet treat made out of malt, peanut, và sesame, this dish has been with the Vietnamese through happy days and difficult times. When you have a chance to visit any provincial town in Vietnam, look out for some nutty Kẹo lạc vừng và a hot cup of green tea. A moment in life that can be so simple & sweet, just like that!

Coconut Candy (Kẹo dừa)

Today, the Mekong Delta in Vietnam is a popular destination for both domestic & international visitors. Many things can attract you: picturesque scenes, warm people, & the food. While we need another article lớn talk about the variety of this land’s cuisine, you may want something sweet first. Kẹo dừa, the famous coconut candy, was created almost one hundred years ago in Ben Tre. & the way people make coconut candy hasn’t changed much ever since.

Coconut candy is the product of cooking malt, coconut milk, và sugar together. That’s it! The “simple is best” concept again proves how such simple candy can effortlessly capture many sweet lovers’ hearts.

Hungry for more?

The more you explore a country’s food scene, the less you seem to lớn know. It is true that our danh mục of the best 15 Vietnamese desserts seems short in comparison lớn the country’s amazing cuisine scene. To find out what else Vietnam can offer, kiểm tra out more food guides below.