Kombucha Floral Passion

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Kombucha Floral Passion

Kombucha Floral Passion is the combination of sourness from passion fruit and the captivating scent of jasmine. This combo creates a drink that is full of layers of flavor that can make you fall in love after trying it for the first time.

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Sober.Saigon Kombucha uses fermented tea, fresh fruit, and flower jam to create a natural flavor. The handmade process helps preserve the pure flavor of each ingredient while being beneficial to lớn use both as a tasty beverage & health improvement solution.


Brand & Producer The brand produces a line of kombuchas that are made from fresh & healthy ingredients, with affordable & high-quality products


Top 03 reasons lớn drink Kombucha :

- Good for health

Kombucha contains many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, strengthens resistance & improves immunity.

- Protects the digestive system

A large amount of beneficial bacteria supports the digestive system similar to yogurt products.

- Supports weight loss

This is a healthy food that aids in weight loss, especially with “catechin”, which plays an important role in weight control.

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- Best to lớn consume within 3-5 days

- No preservatives

- Keep in cool temperature for better taste

- If not keeping Kombucha in the refrigerator, fermentation will continue, CO2 will be continually produced. The taste of Kombucha will be sour.

- Shaking the bottle of Kombucha will result in an eruption when opening the cap. Therefore, care during use to lớn avoid unfortunate cases.



Sober.saigon is a kombucha (fermented tea) brand from Vietnam that produces a chất lượng line of kombucha teas. Their kombuchas are made from fresh & healthy ingredients, with affordable và high-quality products. The name "Sober" showcases the brand"s business philosophy i.e Sweet, Sour, Organic and raw.

Sober.saigon features Kombucha as their main product - a fermented tea rich in healthy bacteria. To lớn manufacture Kombucha they use Scoby, a symbiotic culture of bacteria và yeast, khổng lồ ferment their teas. The teas in itself are a unique combination of fermented tea và fresh fruits. In addition, they also offer fresh & healthy milk tea flavors, a drink that is popular amongst younger generations..

Sober. Saigon also takes special measures lớn only use ingredients that are 100% homemade & do not use milk powder, flavoring agents or preservatives. Therefore, all products are highly nutritious with appetizing flavors.