How do i earn from bigo live?


Since the Coronavirus pandemic, live đoạn phim apps are becoming more & more fascinating by the day. The likes of Tiktok, Instagram, & Bigo speedily took over the mạng internet entirely. However, it is even more interesting that instead of just posting your videos, going live, & having fun, you can earn money. For instance, the Bigo Live app allows you lớn earn money while going live, but how? In this article, we will be focusing on How to lớn Make Money on Bigo. We would look at 9 Easy Steps That work.

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Imagine making money from just going live on Bigo; it sounds untrue. But the truth is, making money online using the Bigo Live app is undoubtedly the hottest & most recent method of cashing out. You might have heard about the app, or maybe you are a user, but most people are unaware that it is also possible to lớn earn money while using the app. Before we list out the nine easy steps khổng lồ making money on Bigo, we must briefly discuss the Bigo app.

About Bigo Live App

To some people, the Bigo app is just a live streaming social ứng dụng where you can interact with your friends or use it to showcase your talent. On Bigo, you get khổng lồ meet people who dance, sing, cook, or even showcase any talent they have. Many of these people are not aware that you can make money from this same tiện ích rather than just having fun.

If you also find yourself in this situation, I assure you have nothing to lớn worry about because this article will educate you on how lớn make money on Bigo. If you don’t have the Bigo Live ứng dụng yet, you can start by downloading and installing it. Then go through the registration process. You will be expected lớn provide your google account.

Fill in your e-mail address & password. The app will then display the app’s homepage.You may view any live streaming by clicking on the live broadcaster. You can also vày a live broadcast và share any exciting video. The fans will shower you with beans and gifts. You can also deposit them into your bank account.

How lớn Make Money on Bigo

Earning money on Bigo is not entirely rosy. This is if you are not familiar with how Live Apps function. Below is a menu of the nine easy steps on how lớn make money on Bigo.

#1. Select an appealing profile.

The first step in how khổng lồ make money on Bigo is to choose an appealing profile. On Bigo, your profile is the first impression you give lớn the viewers. This is why you have to lớn ensure that your profile is attractive enough. You need to use a chất lượng device when making your profile picture.

Your profile picture must be an image of you & nobody else. When taking the picture, ensure that it shows your face and upper body. Avoid poor background và filter pictures. You can also learn how lớn upload your profile picture.

#2. Try something new & different.

The second step in how to make money on Bigo is to lớn create something new và different. Every day on the internet, you get lớn witness recent trends, new talents, new skills, etc. There are so many users on the Bigo Live App, và if you want to get recognized, you have to be different.

When you join an old trend, people might already be used khổng lồ it và are probably even bored. You have to tìm kiếm thoroughly within & discover the talent you can bring khổng lồ the table. Your video clip should either be adventurous or pass information.


#3. Make chất lượng Videos


The third step in how khổng lồ make money on Bigo is khổng lồ make videos of good quality. Nobody would be interested in a blurry đoạn clip or live streaming. The voice unique and the video quality have to lớn be excellent.

You are encouraged to lớn use a suitable device when creating your video. If your đoạn clip or picture quality is good enough, it attracts viewers and followers.

#4. Constantly Upload Videos

The fourth step in how to lớn make money on Bigo is khổng lồ upload your videos regularly. Irrespective of your content, try lớn be consistent in uploading your videos. This would help you fetch more followers và views.

Try to always inform your followers of the release date và time before uploading the video. If you are live streaming, you should make the stream last longer. This would give time for more followers khổng lồ engage.

#5. Interact with the audience regularly.

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The fifth step in how to make money on Bigo is lớn interact with the audience regularly. Some people are fond of talking to themselves, and they don’t try khổng lồ interact with their audience. This is wrong because the more you talk to lớn yourself, the more your viewers get bored of the stream or video.

You can always try to relate with the audience. Even if the information is handy, they feel carried along if you get them involved. Try to connect with them & build a relationship. You can even go on a question và answer session with the audience. This would help keep the followers and even win some new followers.

#6. Begin with some simple makeup & fashion thiết kế instructions.

The sixth step in how lớn make money on Bigo is lớn start some simple makeup and fashion design tutorial. Fashion design and makeup are always trending. With new styles in the trend, everyone will be interested in learning this new design.

It could also be a new makeup product you came across. When you put up the tutorial, and it turns out people love it, you can easily earn new followers. It can make you even more popular in just a few days if lucky.


#7. Buy beans & diamonds from BIGO LIVE

The seventh step in how to lớn make money on Bigo is khổng lồ purchase beans & diamonds from BIGO LIVE. When your followers reward you with beans, gifts, and diamonds, you can convert and transfer them into cash. However, this is an indirect way of earning money on Bigo.

Suppose you have money khổng lồ spend, buy beans and followers. Lớn boost their following, broadcasters buy beans và diamonds. Various businesspersons are using this method to sell their products.

#8. Try On-Demand Broadcast.

The eighth step in how khổng lồ make money on Bigo is to vày on-demand broadcast. Since you already have the followers, you can ask them what they want you to bởi vì for them or what they prefer khổng lồ watch from you. You can bởi vì this using the comment session. This would for sure fetch you more followers.

You can also Live Stream events happening around you. It could be a party, a wedding ceremony, or funny things happening around you.

#9. Single Live Broadcast.

The last step in how lớn make money on Bigo is to lớn try the single live broadcast. This requires you to lớn go live in a solo mood và broadcast any activity to fans. If the fans find your nội dung interesting, they can decide to gift you with virtual money.

In conclusion, these steps listed above will attract more followers & fans to lớn your account. This way, you get khổng lồ earn from followers gifting you beans or diamonds, which you can transfer to cash. I hope the information in this article is helpful in whatever you decide to vị with it.