News: minecraft world's ultimate survival guide, part 1

Mojang's ever-popular open-world sandbox adventure Minecraft is one of the most iconic and popular games of the last decade, dating back lớn its release in 2011. It's a game that brings people of all ages and walks of life together within a world of blocks that's extremely in-depth but works with surprising simplicity.

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If you're looking for a helpful guide to lớn begin your survival journey, you've come khổng lồ the right place. Guides for crafting, enchanting, exploration, building, và redstone, as well as information on the hostile & passive mobs that inhabit the three dimensions of Minecraft can all be found on this page. As the trò chơi continues to expand và change, more information will be added, so make sure to check back regularly.

Updated July 10, 2022, by Gabrielle Huston: Minecraft has managed lớn remain a beloved part of gaming culture through constant updates và improvements to the game. That means that we at are always writing away, trying khổng lồ keep up with the new content! We've updated this complete walkthrough to lớn make sure you're not missing anything.

Basic trò chơi Settings and Features


These guides cover the boring stuff, the basics behind-the-scenes. However, you may find yourself in need of this boring stuff when you want to report a bug or play with friends online, so we've made sure you have all the information.

Errors & Bugs


Starting a new Minecraft file can be intimidating; you're faced with a lot of options you don't understand! These guides should help fill in some of the gaps so that you can make an informed decision. However, don't forget that the best knowledge comes from experience, và it's totally okay khổng lồ just start playing và work it out one piece at a time.

Choosing A game Mode


It's in the name: Minecraft. You'll use the various items you acquire to build new tools for yourself & expand your trang chủ base (if you choose khổng lồ have one). These articles detail the basics, as well as how to lớn make specific items that you might need on your adventures.


How khổng lồ Make Paper For Animals


It's in the name: Minecraft. You'll need to lớn delve beneath the surface và into vast networks of caves in order lớn obtain the resources you want, so we'll help you get there.

Particular Resources


A common joke among Minecraft fans is lớn say there are only two types of players: builders và explorers. Well, the builders should be happy lớn read these detailed guides which will help you to develop a unique trang chủ base và keep your character well-fed.

Survival-Friendly Builds khổng lồ Try

Particular Structures

Particular Crops

The more you explore, the more Minecraft rewards you with new mobs, biomes, và items. You'll need to lớn be able to lớn survive on your own, defeat any unruly creatures that come your way, và know what's rare so you can bring it home with you. Needless to lớn say, this is a huge part of Minecraft's gameplay, so we have tons of comprehensive guides to keep you on track.

Survival Tips

Everything You Need khổng lồ Know About Managing Hunger


Best Farms For XP


Specific Biomes


How to Find An Ancient City
Redstone can feel pretty daunting for beginner- or even intermediate-level players. Thankfully, we're here to help. These guides cover how Redstone in minecraft works và how you can use it khổng lồ power all sorts of helpful machines around your home base.

Specific Builds

How khổng lồ Build A Fully Automated Cooked Chicken Farm Around-The-House Conveniences Resource Farms
You won't be able lớn get very far without some reliable enchantments và potions at your side. These guides cover everything you'll need to know in order lớn take on even the deadliest foes.


Tools Particular Enchantments
You won't be alone in your Minecraft journey. The world is filled with passive và hostile mobs. Many passive mobs have quality features that can help you greatly during your adventures and travels. If you aspire to lớn tame every animal in the trò chơi or would lượt thích to know more about pandas and polar bears, or even those terrifying zombies, check out these guides.

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Taming & Breeding Animals

How To Tame Every Animal You Can Particular Animals How lớn Tame & Breed Horses How to Tame và Breed Frogs to lớn Get Froglights How to Build A Bee Farm to Get Honeycomb How to Get The Rare xanh Axolotl In Minecraft Other Mob Farms How to lớn Make A Slime Farm

Passive Mobs

Everything You Need to Know About The Allay

Hostile Mobs

Everything You Need lớn Know About The Warden
The more chất lượng mobs of Minecraft are Villagers, as well as their counterparts, Illagers. They both bring in some important chơi game features, from raiding lớn trading. We have a neat guide on the best villagers to trade with, as well as some information about the patrolling Iron Golem and the mysterious Bad Omen status effect gained from Illager outposts.

The Nether is a difficult và dangerous dimension to lớn traverse. & yet, if you aspire to lớn complete the game, paying a visit lớn the underworld is a necessity. With the 1.16 Nether update, there are tons of new mobs, items, materials, và features to lớn be discovered, và so we have a wide range of guides khổng lồ help you survive the realm of lava và brimstone.

Entering The Nether

Surviving The Nether

Nether Resources and Items

Everything You Need to Know About Netherite

Nether Mobs & Dungeons

Things You Didn't Know About Piglins
The over is the second dimension of the game. Mysterious & very difficult to lớn traverse, it holds some of the best loot in the game, locked within rare & peculiar-looking end Cities. First, however, you need khổng lồ get through the Ender Dragon. For guides on over Cities and the long herself, this is the right place.

How to Find End Cities


How khổng lồ Defeat The Ender Dragon
In case you're looking lớn up your vanilla Minecraft experience with some mods or cosmetic changes lượt thích texture packs and shaders, we have a few great recommendations, even for those with low-end PCs.

Shaders and Texture Packs

How lớn Install Shaders Best & Worst Texture Packs

Mods, Plugins, and Datapacks

Best Mods Guides For Particular Mods

Skins, Capes, and Custom Maps

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