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How to Make Money Plowing Snow và Spreading Salt

Snow & ice management businesses that only offer a plowing service may be missing out on the potential for increased profits. There is a growing trend towards providing full-service snow và ice removal, and many firms have found success upselling lớn existing customers or securing new business by becoming a one-stop shop for both plowing và salt spreading.

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Expand Your Snow Removal Offerings and Watch Your Workload and Customer Base Grow

Salt spreading provides an efficient way of making money without a lot of extra effort. The spread-to-plow ratio in winter maintenance favors spreading: every time a contractor plows, he can plan to lớn spread between four and ten times.

Not only can salt spreading be done more often than snow plowing, but it can also be done faster. Spreading can even extend the season for your business. Regardless of how much snow falls, ice management remains a problem all winter long và freeze-thaw cycles continue well into the spring in many parts of the country.

Adding salt spreading not only allows contractors lớn provide a more all-encompassing service, but it means they can appeal khổng lồ local businesses by addressing an issue that is a serious concern: liability due lớn injury claims. According lớn the CDC, over 800,000 people are hospitalized each year due lớn slip-and-fall injuries. It makes sense for business owners khổng lồ take every precaution – including de-icing their properties – khổng lồ prevent this hazard.

Four Key Considerations Before Choosing Salt Spreading Equipment

There are three important factors lớn consider before purchasing salt spreading equipment for your business: 

Materials: Some spreaders bởi not handle certain de-icing products as well as others, so determine what salt product you will be using in advance.Size: Avoid overspending by matching the kích cỡ of the spreader khổng lồ the size of the job.Durability: The corrosive nature of de-icers makes durability critical, so stainless steel và poly-constructed units are usually a better choice than regular steel spreaders.

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Efficiency: When spreading salt with a pick-up truck, efficiency can help reduce marginal costs và increase profitability.

Increase Efficiency by Matching the Spreader lớn the Job

When it comes khổng lồ snow và ice removal, improving the tốc độ with which you complete each job means you can tackle others that much faster. Choosing the right spreading equipment can be the difference between making money và spinning your wheels.

For example, if you are new to lớn salt spreading or service driveways và other small residential applications, a tailgate spreader is ideal. Western"s 2500, 1000 and 500 low profile tailgate spreaders attach lớn a wide variety of vehicles. These high-density, single-stage, poly tailgate spreaders sit lower on trucks lớn deliver vị trí cao nhất spreader performance without affecting the operator"s view from behind the wheel.

Tailgate spreaders bởi not handle bulk salt, so if you typically plow mall parking lots or other large commercial or institutional facilities, a salt hopper will allow you khổng lồ get more done faster. If you’re looking lớn minimize waste và maximize profits, consider the ultra-durable Western Striker stainless steel hopper spreader. Loaded with the latest in snow and ice control technology, it features an innovative chute kiến thiết that lets operators easily control salt spread.

For de-icing sidewalks và pathways, a salt spreader can also be mounted in a utility vehicle’s cargo box. The Western Tornado poly hopper spreader is built just for UTVs, with a sturdy, compact thiết kế that delivers many of the same features as larger spreader models.

Whether you’re looking to lớn purchase new snow and ice removal equipment or need new spreader parts, Traffic Safety Direct và our sister site Plow Parts Direct are your one-stop shops. We stock hundreds of thousands of parts from Western & Snoway & offer complete installation & repair services. Give us a gọi at 201-327-6050 and let our experts help you find exactly what you need.