How to write a lesson plan: guide for teachers


This post outlines how to write a lesson plan quickly, making lesson planning easier.

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Yes, it’s possible khổng lồ write a quality lesson plan in a relatively short amount of time!

No need to lớn spend too much of your precious planning time writing an unnecessarily long teaching trò chơi plan.

The key is in the K.I.S.S. Mã sản phẩm – Keep It Super Simple!

When it comes to lớn writing lesson plans, you’ve got to vày things smarter, not harder.

So whether you want lớn know how to write a lesson plan for kindergarten or beyond, see here how khổng lồ lesson plan for the week in a way that saves so much time.

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How to lớn Write a Lesson Plan Quickly

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) basic lesson plan template is essentially summarizing your lessons into four (4) concise parts: an OBJECTIVE, a BEFORE, a DURING, & an AFTER.

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Think of yourself as putting on a show for your students, with your performance divided into four (4) segments.

Every show has a…

Theme (learning OBJECTIVE).Hook (lesson introduction/mini-lesson) BEFOREPlot of Events (Guided-Practice Activities) DURINGFinale (Assessments). AFTER

Following are the four steps with examples.

Remember… the key when using the K.I.S.S. Lesson plan template is the formatting of information.

Use the following shorthand “abbreviations” khổng lồ save time.

Obj= objectiveB-= beforeD= duringA= afterRA= read aloudRT= reader’s theaterML= mini-lessonGP= guided practicePK= prior knowledgeGO= graphic organizerT-P-S= think-pair-shareW= whole groupSM= small group1 lớn 1= teacher conferencingWS= worksheetCTR = learning centersMD= model/demonstrate

Note: Why not learn how to lớn write a lesson plan fast by printing out a free copy of the K.I.S.S lesson plan template using the button below và following along as you read this post?

how khổng lồ write a lesson plan quickly
Download không tính tiền Copy of K.I.S.S Lesson Plan Template!


2. Draft an interesting hook và mini-lesson.

The lesson introduction is where you grab the students’ attention & introduce the learning objective. Teacher modeling is an essential part of the BEFORE part of a lesson plan.

No need lớn write out the pages of the read aloud books you’ll share or the exact steps of the opening activity. This information lives in your head.