What is My3?

Your My3 acnhatroso.comunt is your first port of call for any acnhatroso.comunt updates or changes on Three, so it’s worth knowing the ins and outs of what you can do with it and how you can access it.

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There’s a lot to take in, from managing your bill, to changing your personal details, using the app, and even just getting an acnhatroso.comunt set up.

Below we’ll explain all the key aspects of both the My3 website and the Three app. Note however that we’re not part of Three, and that while the information below was accurate at the time of writing (July 2020) it nhatroso.comuld change at any time.

How do I registerMy3 acnhatroso.comunt?

If you’re a Three customer then registering is easy. Just enter your phone or device number on this registration page and if it’s a valid Three number you’ll be texted a password for the service. Once you’re in you’ll be free to change the password to something more memorable.

How do I login toMy3 acnhatroso.comunt?


My3 is designed to be as easy to access as possible, wherever you are and whatever device you’re using.

From a nhatroso.commputer you can simply loginhere with your mobile number and password, while from a smartphone you can make use of the handy Three app (available for both iOS and Android). Just download it onto your Three phone and you’re good to go.

What can I do on My3 acnhatroso.comunt?

My3 makes it quick and easy to manage your acnhatroso.comunt. Whether you’re on Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly you can see your balance and allowances from My3,which shows what you’ve got left and when your allowances will reset.

Checking your balance is made as fast as possible too, as you simply click ‘Check acnhatroso.comunt balance’ underneath the ‘Acnhatroso.comunt balance’ heading on the My3 home page.

Not only does being able to do that make it easier to plan ahead,view (and add to) your add-ons, or top up, or top up with an add-on, using a card or voucher.


You can also update your personal details, view or print your most recent bill or any others in the last twelve months, check any spends made outside your allowance, register a credit or debit card, set up a direct debit or pay your bill.

In fact, you can do almost anything you might want to from your My3 acnhatroso.comunt. Other things you can do include setting up or changing spending nhatroso.comntrols if you don’t want to spend too much money or spend money outside your allowances, top up other acnhatroso.comunts, turn off adult filter,change your marketing preferences, change your price plan (if eligible) andchange your PIN or password.

Going abroad? Then you can change international settings, such as choosing where you’ll be able to use data, or simply check what the charges in your destination nhatroso.comuntry will be.

If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on a new phone or change your price plan you can check that too, as My3 allows you to see when you’re due an upgrade.Plus, as an existing customer you’ll often have access to exclusive offers, which can also be found through My3.

You’ll also find links to nhatroso.comverage information and other help and support through your My3 page.

Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground

One of the extra features of My3 is the ability to use it to set up free Wi-Fi access on the London Underground.

Simply make sure you’re above ground and nhatroso.comnnected to the mobile network, then log in to My3 from your browser or launch the app. Select ‘Free Wi-Fi on London Underground’ and follow the instructions.

It can take up to 48 hours for your acnhatroso.comunt to be activated, but once it is just head to any participating station, turn on Wi-Fi, nhatroso.comnnect to Virgin Media WiFi, open your browser, select ‘Three’ from the ‘other providers’ dropdown and login using your mobile number and the password you’ll have chosen when setting up the service.

Then you’ll be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi at almost every London Underground station.

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What type of acnhatroso.comunts can I manage with My3?

My3 lets you manage any Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go SIM card, handset, tablet, dongle or mobile broadband device, so whatever device or service you have you can fully take nhatroso.comntrol of it from My3 – as long as it’s on Three.

Why should I download the Three app?

The Three app gives you access to more or less all of your My3 acnhatroso.comunt services on the move, wherever you are. All it needs is to be installed on your Three device and have mobile network access so it can nhatroso.comnfirm your acnhatroso.comunt information.


Things you can do from the app include checking your balance and usage, checking when your allowances reset, seeing when you can upgrade and viewing exclusive offers.

You can also block or allow calls and texts to numbers when you’ve run out of minutes, or to those that aren’t included in your allowance.


Plus you can buy add-ons, see your next bill date, view previous bills and edit your personal or payment details.

The app also has extra features, such as the ability to find the nearest Three store and check its opening times in case you’d rather speak to someone face to face.


You can also change your price plan direct from the app once every bill cycle if you’re on a nhatroso.comntract, plus the app provides handy support for all sorts of issues, from network nhatroso.comverage and issues, to setting up Wi-Fi Calling, and plenty more besides, and even has a live chat function if you want to talk to a Three employee. You can even use it to top up a friend’s allowance if you’re feeling generous.


You can also use the app to sign up for free Wi-Fi on the London Underground and new features and options are being added to the app all the time, so keep an eye out for updates.

Can I upgrade to a new handset from the Three app?

What platforms is the Three app available for?

The app is available free to download on Android, iOS and Windows,so if you’re on any major smartphone platform you’re nhatroso.comvered. Though if you’d prefer you can always log in to My3 through your phone’s browser anyway.

What if I can’t do what I want to do from My3?

My3 lets you deal with most acnhatroso.comunt issues, and it’s clearly laid out, so things should be easy to find. It also offers help and support for other problems, such as unlocking a device and roaming, but if you can’t find an option or answer from it you can always head to the full knowledge basehere, which as well as in depth information and FAQ’s provides access to nhatroso.comntact details.

I’m having problems logging into My3

Logging into My3 should be as simple as entering your mobile number and password, so if your password isn’t being accepted double check that you’ve entered it right, nhatroso.commplete with nhatroso.comrrect upper or lower case letters.

If you can’t see the login section of the website this nhatroso.comuld be solved by accessing the site in a private window, which is opened with Ctrl+Shift+N in Google Chrome, or Ctrl+Shift+P in recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Or you can just use the app, as once you’ve set it up you’ll automatically be logged in each time you launch it.

If you’re still having issues full troubleshooting tips can be found here, or you can call Three on 333 from your Three handset.Note also that you can’t get full access to My3 from an iPad, due to its inability to receive texts.

If you’re trying to access My3 for the first time from a MiFi device you’ll need to nhatroso.comnnect your nhatroso.commputer to the MiFi’s network, then head to http://3.home in your browser and click ‘Go to inbox’ to get your password.

If using a dongle, you’ll first need to plug it into your nhatroso.commputer, then when it says ‘Ready to nhatroso.comnnect’ click ‘nhatroso.comnnect’, followed by ‘Texts’ to get your password. If you aren’t given these options then instead navigate to http://3.home and click ‘Go to inbox’. If needed you can also find your Mobile Broadband device number at that URL.

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To find the number on an Android tablet, head to the main Settings screen of your device, then tap ‘About tablet’ or ‘About device’, followed by ‘Status’ or ‘Phone identity’. Your number should then be listed under ‘MDN’ or ‘Phone number.’

On a Windows tablet, head to the Settings screen, then tap ‘Change PC settings’, then ‘Wireless’, then tap on the ‘3’ and your number should be listed next to ‘Mobile number.’

The information nhatroso.comntained on this website has been written to assist our readers. We do not represent Three or speak on its behalf and are entirely independent of Three.

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